Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mojo Holler

Blind J. Watkins

8 p.m.
21 and over

About Mojo Holler

Missi & Mister Baker deliver Americana roots with liberal doses of slide, steel, and killer vocals. Their sound is both ethereal and down-to-earth, with Mister Baker's deft fretwork and Missi's 'Appalachian Mama' voice.

They were featured showcase artists at 2016 South By Southwest and NW Folklife music festivals, and were praised by SXSW co-founder Louis Black: "Why Missi had to move from Austin to Portland so the Bakers could find their inner Mississippi Fred McDowell, I don't know. But she did, and they did."





About Blind J. Watkins

Blind J. Watkins

"My eye a broken, but I can see just fine" -Blind J. Wakins

Wakins is a songwriter, avid smoker, and professional loiterer. He stands for and among the reckless dreamers; sometimes he sits. Florida born and not thrilled about it, he has moved around country in search of an answer to the peoples' question, "what the hell am I gonna do?". Currently contributing the crowding-out of an otherwise cool city, Wakins is a stranger in a weird land. No, not Austin, the other one. Though more a poet than musician, he has cleverly appropriated folk-country and ragtime traditions to create something resembling a unique sound. When this fails however, at least his literalism makes for an honest song. He did not want to write this bio, but he enjoyed himself once he did!