Sunday, August 13, 2017

Local Roots Showcase

Rocket 3

Rebecca McDade

About Rocket 3

Rocket 3

Rocket 3 is a trio of Midwesterners transplanted to Portland, Oregon: Guitarist, singer, and songwriter Ramune Nagisetty is from Ohio by way of the former USSR and India; Drummer Andrew Anymouse, from Michigan, and bassist, singer, songwriter Ken Foust is from New York. A combination of Fate and Pacific Northwest technology brought them together. Ramune's initial solo recordings were released in 2011. It was an EP titled Truth and Beauty which had radio play on Portland stations (KINK 101.9 and KZME 107.1). Ramune draws inspiration from artists like; Blondie, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, and The Velvet Underground.

Shortly after the EP release, Rocket 3 was formed. Ramune's intuitive song writing lead to the release of the bands debut CD titled Burn in late 2014. It received play on additional Portland stations as Radio Hot Tub, and Local Roots (KUMZ). This release was featured on the national college radio circuit and climbed to #76 on that chart, a highly uncommon accomplishment for a self-released CD. Andrew and Ken recreated a foundation for delicate, trilling vocals and energetic choruses to land on. Andrew draws inspiration from artists like: The Police, Talking Heads and Dead Kennedy's. Combing this with Ken's inspirations like; 311, Pink Floyd, Rage Against the Machine, breeds a solid rhythm that's lifting Rocket 3 to new heights.

Rocket 3 has been invited to play at places like the Astoria Crab, Seafood and Wine festival, PDX A-Loft hotel, a special event at the Oregon Convention Center, Local Roots Series at Alberta Street Pub, International Pop Overthrow festival, Secret Society as well as venues in Eugene, OR like; Sam Bond's Garage and WOW Hall. Most recently, the song "I See" from Burn was chosen to be included on the 2017 PDX PopNow compilation.


About Rebecca McDade

Rebecca McDade

This twenty-one year old Scottish singer-songwriter has been making music on both sides of the Atlantic for as long as anyone who knows her can remember. Her childhood was spent jumping back and forward between Scotland, Ireland, and Oregon, and with music always as a constant, this young musician has been able to craft songs which reflect all the corners of the globe where she has called home.

Her teenage years were spent just outside of Portland, Oregon where she continued to develop her childhood love of music & performance. After a stint in the professional world of musical theatre in Portland - one which earned her a Portland Area Musical Theatre Award (PAMTA) for Best Young Performer in 2008, she shifted her focus to songwriting. Theatre led her to Quarterflash's Marv Ross, who - along with fellow band member & sound engineer extraordinaire, Gregg Williams - helped produce McDade's deput studio EP Unwritten Plans, a four song EP released in 2013 during her senior year in high school. Before heading off to study at Oregon State University, McDade frequently played at local events around her community. Her first two years at Oregon State University saw her playing around the local Corvallis venues and continuing to write.

Scotland got her back during her third year at university. Her year immersed in the music culture of Glasgow was incredibly influential on both her songwriting and instrumentality. During this year, her songwriting began to reflect her admiration of the folk music of the American sixties, drawing influences from the likes of Dave Van Ronk, Joni Mitchell, and Leonard Cohen. These influences can be heard in her lyricism, melodies, and in the intricate travis-picking & guitar work which drive her songs.

After her year of writing & recording an album's worth of songs in a demo titled Songs I Wrote in Scotland, McDade returned to Oregon to graduate from Oregon State in 2017. However, her songs have garnered airplay on both sides of the Atlantic, most notably on BBC Radio Scotland's 'Roddy Hart Show'. McDade continues to perform around the Willamette Valley. She is currently based in Salem.