Thursday, June 15, 2017

Stunning Rayguns
The Hugs
The Toads
The Macks

8 p.m.
$8 in advance, $8 day of show
21 and over

About The Hugs

The Hugs

The Hugs have been occupying their own little corner of the Portland music scene for six years now, cranking out garage pop with an ear for arenas. You could even say it's underappreciated by some. Lead Hug Danny Delegato has forged ahead through personnel changes, kicking out happy pop for sad souls. And they keep getting better. The band's latest LP, Love Led You, Here is jam-packed with exuberant, full-bodied pop with hooks aplenty and a sparkly sheen. It's easily the Hugs' best work to date, and should turn the spotlight on this motley crew in Portland and beyond. " - Portland Mercury

"There's a band called The Hugs that I like a lot. They play folk rock. They're a Portland band. I really like their songs."

- Gus Van Sant (New York Post)

"With their swooshing swathes of rainbow rock, The Hugs are further proof that someone's certainly putting something in the water in Portland, Oregon. Like The Lemonheads but with more primal yelping, the moment when their retro-referencing tunes seem to be veering too much in a pleasant, palatable garage-punk direction, their teeny weeny singer Danny Delegato - the lovechild of Noel Fielding and one of The Monkees- lets go a grave spinning, throat-slashing screech before indulging in some energetic and muscle-tearing mic-robatics."






About The Toads

The Toads

Transplants from Boston, singer-guitarist Matt K. and singer-bassist Matt D., joined by singer-drummer Mitch Gonzales (Jackson Boone, Snowblind Traveler) quickly established themselves as a band addicted to live shows, with over 70 performances in Portland within their two years as a band, plus a full length album, a three song EP, and three music videos showcasing their campy, antic comic style. This frenetic activity, along with their humor, chops, and rapid-fire live sets, have helped the Toads gain ever more visibility in the city's all ages garage rock underground.

2016 was a busy year for the Toads. They released their first full-length album and companion EP, plus two music videos. Their music has been featured on Tender Loving Empire's 9th annual "Friends and Friends of Friends" compilation, played at a recent Blazers game and on X-Ray FM, and written up on Next Northwest, The Deli Portland, Like You Said and other blogs. The Toads also performed a full live set for KPSU's Live Fridays in January.

Mitch Gonzales left the band for good in November 2016, after a final recording session, and the Matts brought Kings & Vagabonds drummer Dylan Valentine onto the throne. The Toads thus begin a new year with a new lineup and a few new recordings in their arsenal, to be released as singles in 2017 like magical breadcrumbs leading to the Church of Rock N Roll, where they will preside for eternity over the altar. Praise be the Toads, Matt, Matt and Dylan, amen.