Saturday, February 4, 2017

Woodbox Cider Co. Tasting

2 p.m. 'til 4 p.m.
All ages welcome | 21+ to drink

About Woodbox Cider Co. Tasting

Woodbox Cider was started by the Thierfelder brothers and their mother, Mama Gibson. They're a family-owned and operated boutique cidery that uses locally sourced apples and produces delicious products here in Portland's very own Northeast quadrant. All of their ciders are partial wild ferments and bone dry. Unapologetically bone dry. So they're coming by to pour samples of four of their ciders: Heritage 8, Pippen, American Sidra Style, and Double Barrel Cider. We‘ll also be featuring a special Double Barrel Cider Cocktail during the event.


Heritage 8
A special blend of eight heirloom apples goes into our Heritage cider, which is partially wild-fermented, giving it a slight funk and lingering complexity. We let it age out to complete dryness, sur-lees to imbue it with some astringent bitterness and a satisfying clean finish.

Our single-varietal Newton Pippin dry cider is fermented partially wild, giving it not only incredible flavor but ties it to our specific geography here in the Northwest. The cider is dry and aromatic with a crisp apple profile, and only a whisper of apple sweetness on the lingering finish makes this cider incredibly drinkable.

American Sidra Style
Sidra style cider that references American ciders of yore.
This unique cider scratches the itch of the adventurous cider drinker. Cloudy, a little funky from the 100% wild-ferment and completely dry. It's aggressive acid gives way to floral apple, slight spice, and complexity on long tannic finish.

Double Barrel Ice Cider
Layers of sweet and tart, bourbon and vanilla with hints of oak and dark caramel, this cider is meant for sipping. Cryo-concentrated to four times its normal strength, the juice is fermented then aged in whiskey barrels for six months giving it an irresistible bourbon kick, with alluring aromatics and a long warming finish.
12.7% Alc. by Vol ? Sold in 375ml Cork-Finish Bottles