Sunday, January 8, 2017


Lauren Bihr
Simon Tucker

7 p.m.
21 and over

About Elwood

What is it that moves your soul? For Elwood it has always been the ever awe inspiring serenity and shear power of Mother Nature and you can feel it in his music. The trickle of a small stream, the roar of a thunder cloud, the pure silence of meadow lit by the coming of the's these things that sit at the very core of Elwood's music. Elwood has had the honor of sharing the stage with bands such as Simon Tucker, Tim Snider, Michael Kirkpatrick, Kory Quinn, Left Coast Country, many more.

About Simon Tucker

Simon Tucker


For some it's the virtuosic guitar skills.  For other it's the voice: at once gritty and growling, in an instant smooth and sweet.  For still more, it's the masterfully crafted songs.  Any way you look at it, it's agreed: Simon Tucker is the artist you will never forget once you've heard, and his career shows more promise than any 'undiscovered' artist in recent memory.

Simon is a lifetime musician, starting with piano at 6 years of age, and switching to guitar at 11.  He formed his first band at 13 years old and has consistently had a group and a solo act in the works in the 15 years since.

Through the years of practice and work, and a dose of natural talent, Simon developed a voice of his own.  His songs show influence from The Beatles, J.J. Cale, and traditional blues and gospel.  His skills as a guitarist are now on par with the likes of Clapton, Page, even Hendrix, some of his most obvious guitar influences.