Friday, December 30, 2016

The Old Yellers

7 p.m. 'til 10 p.m.
All ages welcome

About The Old Yellers

The Old Yellers are: Michael Berly on guitars, bass and vocals; Matt Voth on bass, guitars and vocals; Chester "Ddog" Stumps on guitars, vocals and any other instrument needed; Wayne Waits on washboard; Ned Folkerth on drums; David Lipkind on harmonica; and Tim Connell on mandolin, tenor banjo, tin whistle, melodica, flute, piano, jaw harp and possibly the kitchen sink. With three songwriters, the band has a large collection of fine original music, and they work their way through a solid repertoire of tried and true classic songs.

"The Old Yellers [American Roots Music] are something to behold. This band isn't just old timey, laid back, sweet country sounds of yesterday. No Sir! They are also foot stompin, rabble rousing, hootin and hollerin good time music of here and now. They have it all, great harmonies, tender ballads, and nothin but good times. You just get yourself down to catch them if you can." - Burlingame Review