Saturday, March 18, 2023

St. Patrick's Day Celebration


Water Tower

Ships to Roam

Yeates Academy Dancers

Biddy on the Bench

Blue Flags and Black Grass

Na Rósaí


Live music starting at noon

All ages welcome

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About St. Patrick's Day Celebration

St. Patrick's Day Celebration

The leprechauns are on our side, bringing us rainbows and merriment for St. Patrick's Day. Join us for two days of food & drink specials, McMenamins own Irish Stout, live music and plenty of hijinks.

Live Music and Entertainment

Friday, March 17

Red Shed
Brigid's Crossing *1-3pm
Spud & The Snakeskinners * 3:30-5pm 
Johnny Franco * 5:30-7:30pm
Saloon Ensemble * 8-10pm

Jack Maybe Project * 7-9pm

Blackberry Hall
Crimson & Clover * 1-1:45pm 
Yeates Academy Dancers * 2-2:30pm
Crimson & Clover * 2-3:30pm
Jump at the Sun * 4-6pm 
Finnegan Blue * 6:30-8pm
Madeline Hawthorne Kelly * 8:30-10pm

Saturday, March 18

Red Shed
Kinvara * 12-2pm
Water Tower * 2:30-5pm
Elias Alexander Ban * 5:30-7:30pm
Ramblxr * 8-10pm

Ships to Roam * 7-9pm

Blackberry Hall
Peter Yeates Duo * 12-2pm
Yeates Academy Dancers * 2:30-3pm
Biddy on the Bench * 3:30-5pm
Blue Flags & Black Grass * 5:30-7pm
Na Rosai * 7:30-10pm

About Kinvara

Traditional Irish Music


Kinvara is a four-person group that took inspiration for it's name from a small Irish town in County Galloway on the west coast of Ireland. Theyhave been working together as a band for over 17 years. Instrumentation includes whistles, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, octave mandolin, the bodhran (Irish drum) and banjo. They play arrangements of traditional sets of jigs and reels and sing several rousing traditional Irish songs. They also enjoy and include some of the newer Irish music that has emerged over the past few years.Band members include Grant Crowley, Sue Davis, Mark Masterson, and Dennis O'Malley. All live in NE Portland, Oregon and all are Americans made of some Irish or Welsh parts. They have played at several local pubs and restaurants in their area and have performed at several community functions, private parties, churches, schools, and farmers markets. Recently, they were invited to play their first wake, which they found to be an honor. After over 170 performances and producing two CD's, they now respond with a steady confidence to the request "play something you know".

About Water Tower

Psychedelic bluegrass

Water Tower

Hailing from Portland, the Water Tower Bucket Boys perform their hard-driving, soul-saturated traditional and original music with tight vocal harmonies and powerful instrumentals. The energy from their lightning stage performances will literally plow through you as you are transcended to another place and time.

The Water Tower Bucket Boys got their start busking on the street corners of Portland and enlivening local square dances. Honing their sound as a solid dance band, playing up and down the West Coast, as well as in the east, the boys have perfected their unique style, drawing from classic bluegrass, old-time, and country songs. Their original repertoire, heavily influenced by blues and country, distinguishes them from other string bands. This one-of-a-kind sound has been influenced and shaped by almost every genre of American music. Just like the traditional songs, their originals works will take you on an entertaining roller-coaster of emotions, while still maintaining that high-lonesome integrity. Whether busking on the streets of downtown Portland or traveling around the world, their infectious love of the music spreads far and wide.



About Ships to Roam

Ships to Roam

Ships to Roam was born in 2005 as the solo project of singer/songwriter Jerome Blankenship. "Funeral Songs & Lullabies", StR's first album was released in 2006 to critical acclaim. Ships to Roam played Portland alongside acts such as Horse Feathers, Kind of Like Spitting, Fernando, Radiation City, McDougall, A Fine Frenzy, Jackalope Saints, and Alela Diane.

In the following years Blankenship wrote new material, raised a family and attempted to find a band. Finally after years of searching, a four piece band that brings an exciting, danceable twist to the music was formed in 2013.
Ships cites influences X, Rogue Wave, The Old 97's and The War on Drugs. "Boxing the Compass" , Ships to Roam's 3rd full length is due out in summer of 2018. Stay tuned!

Praise for Funeral Songs & Lullabies:

"Ships to Roam's is a much darker, quieter, smarter affair. Funeral's tracks would fit well on a mix tape with like-minders such as Iron and Wine and Hayden-or Nick Drake. Don't miss this up and coming Portland talent." Jason Pearson of The Portland Mercury.

Songwriting "Far more moving than anything a Marshall stack could produce." Mark Baumgarten, Willamette Week

"These songs retain a rawness many times lacking in the world of indie folk." Pabst Blue Ribbon, Live and Local.

" Intriguing, catchy diary honest rawness that, somehow, still offers rays of hope." Amy McCullough,
Willamette Week


About Yeates Academy Dancers

Yeates Academy Dancers

The Yeates Academy of Irish Dance Performance Troupe is an established dance academy and is the longest running Irish dance school in Oregon. Since inception, Yeates Academy has been the leading force for Irish culture and dance in the Portland area. We are passionate about sharing our culture and welcoming new members into the global community.

Owners and directors Sinead Yeates, TCRG and Breda Yeates

offer competitive as well as performance based classes. We focus on providing an open, diverse and family-oriented environment to all dancers where each student is encouraged to reach their potential. Throughout the year we offer workshops to all our students and our most successful workshop is our Jigs for KidsTM program in the summer. Our annual feis, the Oregon State Championship feis is held the second weekend in June every year.


The Yeates Academy performance troupe is recognized for our professional image and unique performances. Throughout the years, we have performed at major community events, including the Oregon Symphony, Celtic festivals, county fairs, community events and special occasion performances such as Ireland's Top Traditional Irish Band, The Chieftains.

We are currently enrolling new students at our Portland, Vancouver, Salem and Lake Oswego locations.

For further information, please contact

FB: YeatesAcademy,



Phone: Breda Yeates at 360-721-161


About Biddy on the Bench

High-energy Irish rebel

Biddy on the Bench

The versatile combination of banjo, guitar, mandolin, tin whistle and four part vocal harmony lendsitself equally to high-energy Irish rebel songs and shanties, lively session tunes, and mournful gaelicballads. Grounded primarily in the folk/traditional style of Irish music pioneered by such bands as "The Dubliners", "Planxty", and "The Bothy Band", Portland's own "Biddy on the Bench" breathes lifeand authenticity into old standbys of the genre and lesser-known tunes alike.In the winter months of 2013, Biddy on the Bench was formed. The members include KevinGrgurich, Nick Frey, Noah Cotter, Casey Dyer, Tristan Cormack, and Trevor Cormack. Hailing fromCleveland, Ohio, Kevin, Nick, Tristan, and Trevor have been playing music together for close to adecade. Noah and Casey are Oregon natives and bring with them years of experience with Irishmusic. Together, Biddy on the Bench approaches each song, each melody, with a passion for themusic and sharing it with others. 

About Blue Flags and Black Grass

Viper jazz & jug band

Blue Flags and Black Grass Based out of Portland, Ore., since 2011, Blue Flags and Black Grass blends viper jazz, jug band, ragtime and freak folk along with original arrangements. Featuring banjo, resophonic guitar, washboard and upright bass. BFBG is Flip ‘Fats’ McGuire, Jason ‘Dr. Sass’ Reichert, Aaron ‘Capt’n’ Koch and Elwood ‘The Professional’ Johncox.


About Na Rósaí

Traditional Irish Music

Na Rósaí

In 2010 Erik Killops returned to his hometown of Portland, Oregon after receiving his bachelors degree in Irish Music & Dance at the University of Limerick in Ireland. Shortly after he met recent New Jersey transplant, and bouzouki player, Richie Rosencrans and California native, and uilleann piper, Preston Howard at sessions around Portland. All three were eager to start a project and discovered common interests in regards to traditional music. After a few house gatherings, a weekly performance began at local watering hole the East Burn. In the fall of 2012 flute player Conor O'Bryan moved to Portland from Chico, California and immediately joined the ranks of the band.

In the Fall of 2014 Na Rósaí released their debut album featuring an eclectic mix of traditional Irish music, old time Appalachian tunes, and a set of Breton, and French tunes.

Na Rósaí's second album is currently is the works.