Wednesday, November 30, 2022


Edgefield - Winery Tasting Room

7 p.m. to 9 p.m.


21 and over

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WOLFCHILD Singer and primary songwriter Gabriel Wolfchild grew up with new age-minded parents, but, not feeling connected to their ideals or his childhood home of Maui Hawaii, he found solace in making art and music. He dreamt of one day finding his way back city of Seattle where he spent his earliest years. Bands like Nirvana, Death Cab for Cutie, and Soundgarden became his obsession and lasting connection to a city which he had only the foggiest of memories. Later in life, he eventually returned to his Seattle roots and only then found value in some of his parent's ideals and enlightening ethics. He went on to embrace them on his own terms and took the surname “Wolfchild.” Inspiration from this lifestyle became bedrock foundation for his band’s ethos and message of love and connection. Now, with deeper personal and creative bonds, the dreamy indie-folk quartet Wolfchild announces its most assured artistic statement with a new album to be preceded by a trio of singles. “My family would go to these huge gatherings in the forest, and I later fell in love with them—they became healing for me,” Gabriel remembers. “I could howl anywhere there and someone would howl back. It distilled the connection I wanted to make with my music. As a band, we shout out to the void and seek to connect.” Wolfchild specialize in a celestial strain of indie rock that swirls psychedelia, folk, ambient indie rock, and dream-pop. The Seattle, Washington-based collective was founded in 2015, and issued its debut EP in 2017. The quartet has garnered favorable comparisons to literate and vibrantly creative songwriters such as Sufjan Stevens, Conor Oberst, Thom Yorke, and Regina Spektor. Wolfchild songs are lush and cinematic, rich with ethereal 5-piece vocal harmonies, skyward horn punches, percussion, and deft folk-rock guitar playing. Lyrically, the quartet offers forth poetic tales of yearning and redemption. These days the band is recharged with a deeply connected cohesive lineup featuring Gabriel Wolfchild, guitar/vocals; David James, guitar/vocals; Mia Faye Jefferson, bass/vocals; and Elion TruthHeart, percussion/vocals. The band’s upcoming album is bitingly political while also being boldly vulnerable and connective. Prior to the album, Wolfchild will issue a brace of stirring singles. Wolfchild is something of a chosen family (though Elion TruthHeart and Gabriel are actual brothers), all the members sing, and each’s artistic perspective adds a unique dimension to Gabriel’s skeletal folk compositions, lending them rich musical and emotional dimension. “There is a lot of harmony in this band,” Gabriel acknowledges. “We are different people, but we complement each other—it does feel like a family.