Saturday, November 12, 2022

McMenamins Celebrates 25 Years at 107-year old Kennedy School

Far Out West

Super Secret Band

Kennedy School

All day

All ages welcome

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About McMenamins Celebrates 25 Years at 107-year old Kennedy School

McMenamins Celebrates 25 Years at 107-year old Kennedy School

Kennedy School's 107th year in existence is cause for celebration, but this year's a biggie: McMenamins celebrates 25 years here! Beer in detention, cocktails with honors... little did the first class know what would become of their classrooms and cloakrooms.

Join us for plenty of fun, birthday cake, food & drink specials, a one-time birthday beer and more!

History display and walking tour * 12-4pm * in the Jordan Room

Face painting * 3-6pm

Passport Discovery Hunt

‘90s movies in the theater for $2

In 1997 Paul McCartney is knighted, the first Harry Potter book is published, Steve Jobs returns to Apple, and Kennedy School reopens as McMenamins. Back then, you could only see new movies in theaters, and we're celebrating 1997 with $2 movies all day!

1pm * Liar Liar 
3:30pm * Men in Black 
6:30pm * The Fifth Element 
9:30pm * Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery 

Live music

in the gym

3-5pm * Far Out West

6-9pm * Super Secret Band


About Far Out West

Far Out West

Portland-based Far Out West strikes a relentlessly engaging balance between funk-infused rock and a jazz-informed collaboration, making them stand out as one of Portland's most creative electric quartets to groove their way across the West Coast in recent years. Since the band's inception in 2016, their high energy performances and upbeat instrumentation continue to raise the spirits of their audiences, one sensational beat at a time.

Following the release of their debut EP, The Good Fight (2018), the group began a residency at local club The Goodfoot Lounge. Since then, the band has completed several regional tours, with performances at notable festivals like Northwest String Summit, Juniper Jam, 4 Peaks Music Festival and the Beltane Music Festival. Throughout this time they also shared stages with heavy-hitters Becca Stevens, Jeff Austin Band, Dirty Revival, World's Finest, and Jelly Bread. The group completed a live trio recording session at Fremont Recording Studio in early 2020, where they captured a handful of fresh material to tape.

Propelled by the compositions of guitarist and vocalist Liz Chibucos, Far Out West has developed a new repertoire of songs that branch out from the groups' previous bluegrass influence and lean into the grounded wildness of freewheeling jazz-rock. Their psych-funk outlet harnesses rich, melodic motion and fresh improvisation. Through intentional use of space and rhythm, Far Out West integrates groove-oriented bass & percussion with smoking solos and robust, sultry vocals, a medley that's sure to tell a story as vibrant as it is nuanced.



About Super Secret Band

Super Secret Band

In the late 2010's rumors of Super Secret Band began to grow around Portland Oregon. In recent months these rumors have been growing faster across the greater pacific northwest of a secret funky spacey festival band with rock fangs, jazz horns, and a powerful rhythm section. A band so super and so secret that not even the band members can acknowledge the band's existence. Concert goers claim Super Secret Band insists that no one should tell anyone about the band, unless of course they were doing so to tell people not to tell anyone else about the band.

In September 2021 The band released the single "Never Odd Or Even" as an NFT featuring the artworkof Portland based NFT artist Pop Wonder. This single was later released to streaming platforms worldwide via Dutch Records and is the title track of the band's upcoming new EP Never Odd or Even.

According to anonymous eyewitness testimony Super Secret Band headlined small festivals across the northwest in 2022 and is rumored to continue sharing Super Secrets with those willing to seek them out.. The sound ranges from Rock, to Jam, to Dark Jazz, to blues, to Funk, to Ambient sections that space all the way out before converging into funky slap bass driven experiences. The band's instrumental funky rock core highlights improvisational expression from a rotating cast of guest musicians creating a different Super Secret Experience each time.