Thursday, September 8, 2022

David Johnson & Christopher Gray

Amy Bleu

Kalama Harbor Lodge - Harbor Lounge



All ages welcome

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About David Johnson & Christopher Gray

David Johnson & Christopher Gray

David has been writing music since 2003 and performing since 2012 Christopher Gray plays fretless electric bass and stand up bass; he adds warmth and texture to David's material, bringing the stories color and vibrance. Colleagues who have worked with David in the studio have, independently of each other, described his music as "vulnerable". (Conrad Uno of Seattle's former Egg Studios) Heartfelt, offbeat and occasionally visceral, his music lays his heart bare. His style has been likened to Nick Drake, Joan Baez and Elliot Smith, Styx (the ballads), etc. With material that brings light to his own experiences while leaving room for listeners to draw parallels of their own, hearing his music recorded or live is a unique experience.

About Amy Bleu


Amy Bleu

Amy Bleu is a singer/songwriter/guitarist/ukulele player based in Portland, Ore. Born in Eastern WA and raised primarily in Hawaii, Bleu grew up on the road, hearing relentless melodies and accompanying stories in her head. She fiddled around with the ukulele as a child in Hawaii, but didn't discover her true love - the guitar - until she was 19. She honed her guitar skills at shows in the Northwest, then relocated to the Southwest to promote her music in a new region. Two albums later she returned to Portland and picked up the ukulele again. Amy then teamed up with Adam Sullivan to produce her third album, Geek Love. The album featured Sullivan on many instruments including the accordion, and was the first album to feature Bleu's husband, Matt, on bass guitar. The three of them began to perform live together as well. In 2010 they recorded and released a five-song EP, titled the Unholy Loves. More recently Amy released her fifth CD, an E.P. titled Not the Girl Next Door. Bleu toured solo from March until September of 2012. She is currently back in Portland, performing locally and learning to play the auto-harp.