Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Beer Tasting: New Coolship #1 and more

Kalama Harbor Lodge



21 and over

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About Beer Tasting: New Coolship #1 and more

Beer Tasting: New Coolship #1 and more

Sometimes our brewers move on to other ventures, but they’re always part of the McMenamins family. Former Kalama Harbor Lodge brewer Zak started Little Hop Brewing, then joined up with his alma mater for a creative collaboration: Coolship #1. And we’ll be celebrating its release by tasting with the brewers, Zak and John from Kalama Harbor Lodge Brewery.

Brewers will also be pouring Barrel-aged Cookie Patch Batch.

The beers:

Kalama Harbor Lodge + Little Hop Brewing Collaboration: Coolship #1
This ship sailed in on the cool breeze of collaboration with our friends at Little Hop Brewing. Made with Oregon raspberries, the inaugural beer out of Kalama Harbor Lodge Brewery's Coolship Program was spontaneously fermented in French oak and aged on fruit, emulating a centuries-old method from brewers of Belgian Lambics. After brewing, the beer is cooled in open-air "coolships," allowing contact with native, wild yeast. It is tart, fruity and one of a kind.

Barrel-aged Cookie Patch Batch
Made with a ridiculous amount of the brewer’s favorite Girl Scout cookie, Samoas, this beer is dessert in a glass.  Rich caramel and chocolate flavors blend with coconut to make it sweet and decadent, just like the confection sold by your local troop.