Monday, February 17, 2020

Lund Bros

Wish Mission

Gavin Guss

Elks Temple - Spanish Ballroom

6 PM doors, 7 PM show

$5 per person, Free for hotel guests

All ages welcome

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About Lund Bros

Lund Bros Lund Bros - "Power Pop Lords from the Pacific NW" and even anointed "Tacoma's own Badfinger", have released Ten highly acclaimed records over the past two decades to much acclaim. It is Guitar based rock and roll - great songs with tons of hooks and soaring vocal harmonies, the likes of which have not been heard since the Beatles and perhaps the Byrds or the Hollies haunted concert halls. Consisting of brothers and founding members, Chris Lund on vocals and guitar and Sean Lund on vocals and drums along with newly acquired bassist Keven Tone, it's hard to believe they are but a three piece given the full and powerful sound they project. If you like the sounds of bands such as Big Star, Boston, the Beatles, Queen, Cheap Trick, Redd Kross and the Raspberries, well than you damned well better check out Lund Bros and discover the Tacoma's own Lords Of Heavy Pop.

About Wish Mission

Wish Mission Wish Mission is a musical duo out of Seattle, Washington that write the kind of timeless "bedroom pop" songs that bring a smile to your lips, a tap to your toes, and a glow to your heart. Their music is an amalgam of influences that range from classic oldies to contemporary top 40, subtly touching on hints of new wave, folk, rock and punk. If one of the Everly Brothers had been a woman and the pair traveled through time to hire Gorillaz as their backing band - you'd begin to get the idea. Jen's distinctive sultry vocal rasp paired with Dusty's hushed delivery spin lyrical tales of romance and intrigue, mysteries of the natural world and the human psyche. They perform with only vocals and guitar, but their recordings feature a variety of unique instrumentation that fill the hapless void in your ears while still allowing a serene space for self reflection.? The two have undertaken the dubious mission of bringing a light back to the world through a sound that opens the heart and allows compassion and creativity to flow freely. Just listen to their first single "Tell Me Something" and feel the warmth of sincerity wash over you.

About Gavin Guss

Gavin Guss Gavin Guss is the unannounced friend showing up on your doorstep on an autumn evening. The type that even though you may’ve not seen each other for a while, you pick up right where you left off. Different haircut, same laugh. Known in the Northwest as the front man for TubeTop (debut album co-produced by Peter Buck of R.E.M.) and The Tycoons, Guss has toured extensively as a member of Nada Surf, and playing piano for Jon Auer (The Posies/ Big Star) and Harvey Danger. On High is Gavin Guss’ second solo album, and follows a recent 7” single from Fin Records, “Riga in the Fall,” [FIN-LE7-028]. On High [FIN-LE12-043] is the batch of postcards he wrote but never dropped in the mail, deciding to deliver them in person instead. Slick guitars, keys and a voice that's at once melancholy, joyful and highly-caffeinated (ah, the Northwest), it’ll make you dance in your socks; cozy.