Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Wilsonville Old Church Virtual History Pub

Your Code Name Is “Wings”: A World War II Spy Story

Wilsonville Old Church & Pub - Wilsonville Old Church

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All ages welcome

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About Your Code Name Is “Wings”: A World War II Spy Story

Your Code Name Is “Wings”: A World War II Spy Story

Presented by Dr. Sean Munger, Historian

Two days after Hitler’s Germany surrendered to the Allies, a young man named Karl Wacker approached two U.S. Army officers in Berlin and claimed he was an American soldier suffering from amnesia. This wasn’t the beginning of Wacker’s bizarre odyssey: it was almost the end. In this talk, gleaned from his original research, Dr. Sean Munger will tell you an incredible true story involving undercover agents, a secret Nazi spy school, J. Edgar Hoover, a trans-oceanic love affair, and German-American and Japanese-American families interned in many places including the Northwest. This story of World War II intrigue has never been made public before now.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Sean Munger is a historian, attorney and consultant specializing in the intersection of law and climate change. After practicing law in the Portland, Oregon area for many years, he returned to school to study environmental history, and later founded Centric Law, the consulting division of the Rose Law Firm of Lake Oswego, Oregon. He represents clients in the sustainability, renewable energy and climate change community. He also speaks and teaches on subjects involving history, climate change and the law.

Sean is an internationally published historian, with a focus on the history of climate and climate change. He writes and produces a historical podcast, Second Decade, on the Recorded History Podcast Network, and also teaches online history classes on a wide variety of subjects. While at the University of Oregon, Sean developed and taught an innovative course on the history of climate change. His work has been featured in academic and legal journals in the United States and Europe. He is also a novelist, having published in the horror and science fiction genres.

Sean holds a Ph.D. in environmental history from the University of Oregon and a J.D. from Tulane Law School.

About Wilsonville Old Church Virtual History Pub

Wilsonville Old Church Virtual History Pub

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