COVID-19 Changes

Changes to the McMenamins Passport due to COVID-19

Starting July 1, 2020 the McMenamins Passport will no longer be suspended, and we will resume stamping and most other Passport activity. With the return, so come some changes. In order for us to bring back the program we’ve had to make some adjustments that will allow us to have more control on the number of people in a location due to the reduced capacities.

The most notable change is that stamps will only be given when dining in or purchasing something.
Why? you ask. In order to safely distance groups, we have to reduce capacity and control the number of people at a location. We are also required (and want to keep everyone safe!) to prohibit customers from pausing in the bar or restaurant walkways. Unfortunately, that means we can’t accommodate folks dropping in for stamps.

The Return of the Quest & New Protocols
There have been a lot of changes to our places and to Passport processes for its July 1st comeback. The new rules are necessary, and they were not enacted lightly. It is critical that we do our part in keeping everyone safe while following state and county guidelines, and the best way to do so is to manage how and where people are in our locations. Like the reintroduction of everything else, we need to bring the Passport back in careful stages, and this is the only way we can reinstate it and be able to keep it around long-term.
Keep in mind that we do not expect you to fill your Passport in a week – or even a month! It’s not a race. The program is our way of encouraging people to experience what we have to offer. We hope you pause, take a look around, learn some history, enjoy a new beverage, view the art, relax! It’s also our way of thanking all the people who want to see each and every place we’ve worked so hard on.

If, at any point, we feel that Passport stamping and prizes jeopardize the health of our community, we will suspend all Passport activity.

What to know:

Pub Location Stamps

  • Stamps at our pubs and restaurants are available with dine-in service only (no to-go orders)
  • Art/clue is no longer required to get a stamp at all locations (except the hotel stamps, see below)
  • As before, stamps are given only when places are open for business
  • 23rd Ave Bottle Shop will only have stamps available with a purchase
  • Tours will not be available for the various ticketed (TIX) venues at this time
  • Please call ahead and check the App if you’re looking for a specific stamp as some locations are still not open and small bars have very limited hours
  • Our staff will be taking extra precautions while providing stamps to minimize contact
Hotel Properties
1. To get stamps at a hotel property, there will only be one minimum dollar purchase of $20 per person, therefore eliminating the need to purchase something at every stamping location or small bar.
2. Hotel guests will now be able to complete a hunt and get stamps for any closed locations on a property.

Note that these rules apply ONLY to the hotel properties at this time.

Hotel Stamps – This change is for ALL Passporters

  • We are no longer requiring a purchase at every bar to get a stamp. Instead, you can make a $20 purchase of food, beverage or merchandise while on property and get all stamps from open locations.
  • PLEASE NOTE: This change is for you when you may not want to buy something at each bar. However, the original purchase rule can still be used. This means:
    • You can get a stamp by making a purchase (any amount)
    • Or you can show a $20 receipt and get the stamp without purchase
    • Example: You can buy a $6 drink in the Honors Bar and get the stamp, or you can show a $20 receipt from the Courtyard Pub and get the stamp without purchase.
  • EXCEPTION: Because of OHA reopening guidelines, Ruby's Spa can still only provide stamps to paying customers. So customers will still need to make a purchase of a treatment or product at the two spas to get their stamps.
  • Save your receipt!
  • You must collect stamps the same day as your purchase.
  • Bars and stamping locations on property must be open for business.
  • If you want just one stamp from the property, a purchase is required in that stamping spot, but no minimum amount is required.
You may ask: why is a purchase still necessary? Requiring dine-in and/or a purchase helps us slow down the flow of people and control and monitor where people are. We’ve found that the number of people trying to get stamps in the small bars has been manageable therefore we feel we can lift the need to buy something in every bar.

Closed Bars – This change is for HOTEL GUESTS only

  • If a small bar is open at at all during your stay, you will need to visit the bar during open hours.
  • If the small bar is closed that day OR closed indefinitely, hotel guests ONLY can complete a hunt to get the stamp(s).
  • Clues will be given to you at check-in.
Small bars and restaurants are still subject to capacity limits and you may need to wait or come back later if the location is full.

Experience Stamps

  • We are still giving Experience stamps when and where we are able
  • Many theaters and pools are not yet open and therefore not available for stamps
  • Distilleries, Winery, breweries and the Coffee Roasters tours are not available until further notice
  • Virtual History Pubs do not count for the stamp (but they still make for a great time on the couch!)
  • Stamping is not retroactive; we cannot stamp for birthdays or other Experiences that took place while the Passport was suspended


  • Since some locations are not opened back up yet, we will not be offering those stamps. This means that you may not be able to complete a page or become a Cosmic Tripster until we fully reopen. This is a process, and we are taking it in stages, just like everything else. We will update you as soon as changes happen.


Q: Why the new dine-in/make-a-purchase rule for earning stamps?
It might not feel like a big deal for you to make a quick stop at a bar to grab a stamp. The problem is, that’s how a few thousand other people feel too. Requiring dine-in and/or a purchase helps us slow down the flow of people and control and monitor where people are.
For example, if the Cloud Bar in Kalama is full, no one can enter – even just to see the view. In this situation, if you were a Passport holder looking for a stamp, you would have to wait. On a weekend with, say, 20 Passporters wanting stamps, they would all be waiting in line, which causes safety issues for staff and customers alike.
Two additional situations that highlight these necessary changes:
1. Ruby’s Spa at Edgefield currently has a capacity of two people in the lobby area. Without requiring a purchase, we might unintentionally prevent customers from shopping there when it’s full of stamp seekers, and potentially cause safety issues with the in-and-out traffic.
2. Bar service is not allowed at many locations. If we did not limit to dine-in only stamps, we would need to set up a stamping station somewhere in the restaurant. When busy, this could disrupt social distancing, creating safety hazards for customers and employees, and make it difficult for servers to do their jobs.

Q: Why do I have to buy something to get the small bar stamps?
A: Small bars have much smaller capacities for customers, and we are unable to allow come-and-go access to them. Because of that, you’ll need to be a customer in the bar to get a stamp.

Q: Dine-in – what does that mean? Do I have to have a full meal at every location?
A: Dine-in means that you have to be a paying customer at every location, in the manner that they are prepared to serve you. Some locations are only offering table service, some locations are doing limited bar service; it just depends on the current regulations. You can buy food, a drink, a soda, a snack or anything that we may sell.

Q: Why can’t I get a stamp for to-go food?
A: It’s about the experience, not just the stamp. Before COVID, you would have been able to roam through a pub, looking at art, reading a little history, and perhaps chat with an employee before getting your stamp. As much as we appreciate your patronage in the form of takeout, it is not something that earns a stamp at this time.

Q: When will the Experience tours start again?
A: We do not have a timeline as to when those will start again, but we will update you when we can.

Q: How do I get my stamps for those ticketed (TIX) venues that are closed?
A: For now, we are not currently offering those stamps.

Q: I’m almost done with my Passport except for closed locations but I’m planning to be in Portland next week, can I get in and get the stamps?
A: Unfortunately, no. Your Cosmic Tripster journey will need to wait until we are able to get people into those locations.

Q: When will the next Cosmic Tripster Party take place?
A: We don’t currently have a timeline for the next party. The state will need to be at least into Phase 3 of reopening before we can host the party.

Q: Are you currently offering game experience stamps?
A: Some locations do have pinball and shuffleboard available, so if you can play, you can get the stamp.

Q: My Tripster benefits expired during the closure. Can those be extended?
A: Yes, we can extend the concert tickets and hotel paper vouchers (Cosmic Tripster points never expire). Please contact us at to discuss your options.

Q: Doesn’t this policy promote over-consumption of alcohol at the large properties?
A: We do not expect you to fill pages in one fell swoop. Nor do we expect or want to imply that you need to buy alcohol at each bar or pub you stop in to. We have many non-alcoholic drink options, wee cocktails, small bites and snacks at our various small bars. So you do have options if you want to get all of one property’s stamps in a single visit.

Another thing to consider is that some properties have small bars with limited hours or bars that cannot open until at least Phase 3. This means that you may not be able to finish a property’s page in one visit regardless.
Q: Can my partner and I both go a bar and split something to get two stamps?
A: At this time, no, we are not able to accommodate two stamps for one purchase. We want to provide a consistent and safe experience for all customers, and having groups of two, three or more all trying to split one item would defeat the purpose of these changes. One item purchased for one stamp, two items for two, etc. (even if one person is paying).