McMenamins Cosmic Road Trip 2021

The Cosmic Road Trip continues for another tour! September hotels will include Gearhart HotelHotel Oregon & Grand Lodge. Check back here for updates, and book your stays now.

Have you heard about the Cosmic Road Trip? Tour the cosmos (or at least the PNW) with McMenamins as your guide! We’ll plan your route each month and provide some fun along the way in the form of hunts and quizzes. Once you finish that month’s route, you’ll be rewarded with a prize. Complete four months and stay at all 12 McMenamins hotels and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a $500 McMenamins gift card!

How it works

We’re in the last four months of the year: September through December

Each month we designate three McMenamins Hotels.

To play, you will need to stay at least one night in each of those three designated hotels.

The overnight stays can be any date and in any order, but they must be at the three designated hotels in the same month.

Each hotel will have a different hunt or other fun activity associated with it.

Complete all three hotel stays and hunts in the same month and you’ll receive:
  • $30 gift card
  • Entry into a drawing for your choice of one of four McMenamins’ Experience Prizes
  • Passport stamps to show you did it! Passport not required for participation.

Featured Hotels by Month

September 2021 – Route: Water to Wine Country

Welcome to your September Cosmic Road Trip! To snag your stamps, we’ve got a little hunt at each hotel for you to undertake. At each hotel we’ve hidden a “cache” that you are tasked with finding. Solve the clues below to find the cache. Once you find the cache, you’ll have another task to perform. Please replace the cache how and where you found it. Enjoy!
Gearhart Hotel
“Settee Time” ** Indoors
Difficulty – 2.0 • Terrain – 1.0 • Size – Regular
While somewhat new, this feels like a spot always meant to be at the Gearhart Hotel. It is not in any restaurant or bar, and the cache is labeled with some Passport stamps. If you find yourself stuck, have a seat in the parlor and think on it.
Gearhart Photo Clue  

Grand Lodge
“Come A-Lawn With Me” ** Outdoors
Difficulty – 3.0 • Terrain – 1.5 • Size – Regular
This cache is meant to instigate a wander. It is not in any restaurant or bar, and can be hard to spot with the naked eye. If you see Pat you’re close, but you’ll want to follow these directions to a t(ree).
Grand Lodge Photo Clue  

Hotel Oregon
“Greenery Adds to the Scenery” ** Indoors
Difficulty – 1.5 • Terrain – 1.0 • Size – Regular
This cache is tucked in a nook, but without a book. It is not in any restaurant or bar, but is accessible via the elevator. The scenery has some greenery and a great view.
Hotel Oregon Photo Clue
  • Check back in September for hunt clues!
  • October 2021 – Route: History Through Art: Edgefield, Kennedy School & Old St Francis School
    • Check back in October for hunt clues!
  • November 2021 – Route: South Seas Voyage: Kalama Harbor Lodge, Elks Temple & Anderson School
    • Check back in November for hunt clues!
  • December 2021 – Route: Speakeasy Soirée: White Eagle, Crystal Hotel & Olympic Club
    • Check back in December for hunt clues!

Prizes & Perks

  • When a three-hotel Cosmic Road Trip has been completed, you will receive a $30 gift card. One gift card per room.
  • When a three-hotel Cosmic Road Trip has been completed, you will be entered into a drawing for your choice of one of the following prizes. One entry per room.
    • Whiskey Club membership for a year
    • $100 shopping spree at a gift shop of your choice
    • 60-minute Ruby’s Spa massage or treatment of equal value
    • $100 gift card for your next McMenamins Adventure
  • If you finish all four months and complete the 12-hotel Cosmic Road Trip, you will be entered into a drawing for a $500 McMenamins Gift card! One entry only for the guest who booked the rooms.
  • If you’re a Passport holder you can gain all location stamps (even from closed bars) for staying overnight at a hotel, and earn even more prizes as you go!
  • If you don’t have a Passport yet, you can still do the road trips, but the Passport adds to the fun! More Passport information here.
  • If you’re a Frequent Guest Member, you’ll earn points towards free room nights with every stay. More Frequent Guest information here.
  • You can combine your Cosmic Road Trip stays with any other current promotion. 
A tour consists of all 12 hotels in a four-month period. To enter the grand prize drawing, you must complete all 12 stays at the designated hotels within that tour period. For example, you cannot stay at nine hotels during Tour #2 (May-Aug) and finish the three missing hotels during Tour #3 (Sept-Dec) to enter the grand prize drawing.

The Route Card

  • Please ask for a Cosmic Road Trip Route Card when checking in to your first hotel.
  • This card will serve as your guidepost for your Cosmic Road Trip.
  • It will have all the details to complete your trip.
  • If you do not have a McMenamins Passport, you’ll use the Route Card to collect stamps at each hotel once you finish your designated hunt. So keep your Route Card!
  • Once you complete your Road Trip, the Route Card will have instructions on how to enter the drawing. 

Terms & Conditions

  • Currently booked reservations can be applied to the Cosmic Road Trip. Let the Front Desk staff know you want to participate when checking in.
  • If a hotel is sold out, you must look for other available dates.
  • You do not need a Passport to participate (but it makes it more fun!).
  • Anyone staying the night can complete the hunts and collect stamps, but there can only be one entry and gift card per room.
  • One gift card per room – two people cannot share a room and get two gift cards when they finish.  
  • One entry into the drawing per room – two people cannot share a room and get two entries.
  • All of your qualifying nights must be booked under the same guest profile for stays to accrue correctly.
  • You are responsible for contacting the Front Desk staff during your stays to participate in the promotion.
  • You are responsible for entering the drawing after your third stay.
  • Drawings will take place on the 5th day of the following month.
  • You will be contacted via email to notify you if your name was drawn or not drawn.
  • McMenamins has the right to revoke any prize from any Winner.
  • This promotion is open only to those who are 21 years and older as of the date of stay.