Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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About Ralph Reign

Ralph Reign Rapper, Producer, Astral Traveler, and Soul Seeker. Originally from New York City, now living, loving, and creating in the Pacific North West. Inspired most by Andre 3000, Fela Kuti, Stevie wonder, and the limitless flow of the electronic music scene. Ralph Reign ducks out of the astral plane to helm a jazz and funk-infused hiphop realm , woven with conscious and delicately crafted lyrics.


About Haiku Poetics

Haiku Poetics Haiku is a nutty halfwit neanderthal bringing copious amounts of sheer ruckus to your throat, nose, mouth, and ears.

About Beach Buoys

Beach Buoys Beach Buoys was built (DJ) and breathed (MC) into existence by two longtime friends from the Kitsap Peninsula, on the shores of the Puget Sound, a ferry ride from Seattle. This rap project is a distillation of the environment that raised them; it exudes water and salt and sonically explores the PNW ecology - from the claustrophobic dim-lit evergreen forest floor to the vista-clarity and expansiveness of Mt. Rainier. It exists at the border between land and sea, the firm and the fluid, the certain and the unknown. Composed of an idiosyncratic vernacular that seeks the universal in the personal, nestled within lush and layered beat production from a verdant future. Beach Buoys is Lester Potts (rapper) and D. Jay Dismount (producer).

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