Friday, April 30, 2021

Brian Copeland

Edgefield - Little Red Shed

6 - 9 pm


All ages welcome

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Food & drinks are available at the Blackberry Hall bar!

Please maintain social distance on the property and keep your mask on at all times, except while eating/drinking. During live music you must stay at your designated table (sorry, no dancing yet).

About Brian Copeland

Lyrical guitar-pop

Brian Copeland

Singing and strumming since the age of ten, Brian Copeland has cultivated a unique brand of catchy and lyrical guitar-pop.

Born in Iowa City and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Copeland draws on a planet of inspiration ranging from a loving family and unwavering friendships to quirky Portland encounters and spectacular Cascadian scenes. Built on honest themes and experiences,his music engages a wide range of listeners from all walks of life.

Copeland current lineup features top regional talent, including:

Sean Hudson on bass guitar,
Michael Jarmer on drums,
Jeff Koch on lead guitar, and
Angela Baldino on vocals.