Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rock Creek Tavern

    • Hanz Araki & Kathryn Claire

    6 p.m.

    All ages until 10 p.m.



Hanz Araki & Kathryn Claire

HANZ ARAKI: Flute player/singer Hanz Araki is the quintessential world music musician, performing a blend of traditional Scottish, Irish and English songs and instrumentals with fierce musicianship and an original approach. His journey began with traditional Japanese music and led to traditional Celtic, pop and rock. Channeling six generations of flautists, a cross-cultural tapestry is woven that never grows stale.

KATHRYN CLAIRE: Kathryn Claire has asserted herself in a new generation of traditionally-inspired musicians. Her violin-playing exhibits a technical grace which is matched only by her truly captivating voice and she possesses the rare ability to move seamlessly across genres. Her deep love and respect for traditional music has long been a driving influence and those roots can be heard in her own original music.