Monday, October 15, 2012

Kennedy School

    • History Pub: Special Bonus Program!

    • "Miss Doris, Driving: A Roaring Twenties Teen from Portland Hits the Road"

    • A presentation by author Julia Park Tracey

    7 p.m.

    All ages welcome


It's 1925, and Doris Bailey, 15, has chopped off her hair, raised her skirts, climbed out a window and driven off after a cute boy. True story! Award-winning journalist and blogger Julia Park Tracey presents a fascinating program that draws from the real-life diaries of Doris Louise Bailey, a Portland girl who started writing in the Roaring Twenties. Whirling around a dance floor, kissing an a-dor-a-ble boy, getting into Daddy's gin stash, or driving off into the sunset - Doris reveals all and pulls no punches.

"These delicious diaries provide a colorful portrait of the Jazz Age as seen through the eyes of a teenager. Doris would have fit right in with Gatsby himself," according to author and San Francisco Chronicle book critic Jonah Raskin.

Park Tracey, the great-niece of the diary's writer, Doris Bailey Murphy (1910-2011), is an award-winning writer and editor. She's been tapped by the San Francisco-East Bay Press Club, the California Newspaper Publishers Association, and fellow bloggers for her poignant, entertaining, meticulous work. She's the author of Tongues of Angels: A Novel (2002) and Amaryllis: Collected Poems (2009), and blogs at She splits her time between Alameda and Forestville, California.

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History Pub: Special Bonus Program!