Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kennedy School

  • Family Frolic

    • Kathryn Clair the Kinderqueen

    6 p.m.

    All ages welcome



Kathryn Clair the Kinderqueen

The Kinderqueen has a closet full of polka dots and a suitcase full of stripes. She never leaves home without her trusty guitar, her steadfast fiddle, and her royal crown. When she was still a Kinderprincess, she used to make up stories and songs to sing to her friends. Now that she is all grown up, she sings them for you!

The Kinderqueen loves to travel the world making new friends and learning new songs. She has lots of friends and sometimes plays and sings with them. Whether by herself or with her companions, she always has room for more friends on stage at her shows...maybe that will be you!