Drew Victor


  • 7 p.m. |
  • Free |
  • 21 and over

About Drew Victor


Drew has shared bills in the U.S. and Europe with The Decemberists, Sharon Van Etten, Alela Diane, and Damien Jurado. He is based in Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Seattle, and California, depending on the month. His new record, 'Ever Closer, Ever Brighter,' is coming later in 2014.


About Widower


It's been five years since folksy singer-songwriter Kevin Large put out a promising debut EP under the moniker Widower-an appropriately downbeat band name for Large's music, tinged with sweetness and sorrow. His follow-up LP, Fool Moon, arrived with a more refined polish.

Large has a skill for writing sincerely devotional tunes-a poet's eloquence and poise when pouring out his heart. His odes on Fool Moon avoid leaning on melodrama but still convey a sense that each love won ("Jumper Cables") or lost ("Thoroughbred") is as vital as the blood in his veins. The rest of the six-piece Widower band does a terrific job of finding the right tone to support Large's lyrics. Jeff Fielder's guitar, dobro, and banjo work pairs nicely with the vocals, offering a subtle undercurrent that stirs our insides. Kaylee Cole, a solo talent in her own right, provides pitch-perfect backing vocals, giving songs a richer tone without ever pulling focus from Large. And lest you worry this is all downbeat, the band can let loose and folk-rock out ("Two Tombstones"). This collection of songs is for the hopeless romantics among us. It's a breathtakingly beautiful bummer.

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