Petite Amie French Saison

“Meet Your Makers”

Special Beer Release

at the White Eagle

  • 5 p.m. 'til the beer is gone! |
  • Limited-edition beer tasting at happy hour pricing |
  • 21 and over

About Petite Amie French Saison

This lively, delicate beer is packed full of subtle spicy aromatics and flavor thanks both to the unique French saison yeast used in fermentation and the peppercorn medley added during brewing. Our “little friend” is light-bodied, orange-hued, and has both enough hop character to be an excellent Summer thirst quencher and enough complexity to hold your interest for several servings.

Malts: Pilsner Malt, Unmalted Wheat, Caramel Vienna Malt
Hops: Crystal Spices: Pink, White, Black, and Green Peppercorns

OG: 1.048  TG: 1.005  ABV: 5.55%  IBU: 21  SRM: 7


About “Meet Your Makers”


Join us each month at the Bagdad Theater & Pub or the White Eagle to sample a special beer release from our Edgefield Brewery. Meet the brewers and ask beery questions.

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