Roadhouse Summer Beer Invitational

Other Hoppy Beers

• Silvercone India Pale One-Year Lager

• Hop Train India Session Red

• Thirsty Thor’s Belgian IPA

• Titan India Red Ale

Special Beer Tasting

  • 6 p.m. 'til the beer is gone |
  • Limited-edition beer at happy hour pricing all night |
  • All ages welcome

About Roadhouse Summer Beer Invitational


Beers that are known for their hops (but not IPA/DIPA) – think India Session Ale, India Black Ale, and Imperial Red Ale – from Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, Roseburg Station, Thompson, and Old St. Francis breweries.


About • Silvercone India Pale One-Year Lager

CPR Brewery
Chris Oslin and Brady Romtvedt

Silvercone India Pale Lager is the latest testament to our love of hops. In choosing a strain of lager yeast that ferments exceptionally clean, we allowed the spotlight to fall squarely on the hops. The resinous, multi-layered aroma wafting up from your glass and tongue-tickling citrus notes flirting with your taste buds combine with a crisp lager finish to quench your thirst like no ale can. So hoist a pint to the blessed vine, for the love of hops!

Malts: Superior Pilsen, Flaked Barley, Crystal-15L
Hops: Centennial, Simcoe, Citra

OG: 1.068  TG: 1.010  ABV: 7.48%  IBU: 92  SRM: 4

About • Hop Train India Session Red

Roseburg Brewery
Tom Johnson

All aboard the Hop Train. Hop Train India Red Session Ale has pulled into the Station hauling boxcars full of Mosaic and Golding hop flavors and aromas. Maris Otter Pale along with Crystal Rye, Melanoidin, Black and Blackprinz malts pull the load and add balance with flavors that complement those of the hops. Although Hop Train is packed with bold flavors, at 4.9% ABV, it is a session ale, and it won’t leave you feeling like you got run over by a train. So hop on board before it leaves. You won’t want to miss this train.

Malts: Maris Otter Pale, Melanoidin, Crystal Rye, Black, Blackprinz
Hops: Nugget, Mosaic, Golding

OG: 1.048  TG: 1.010  ABV: 4.9%  IBU: 57  SRM: 11

About • Thirsty Thor’s Belgian IPA

Thompson Brewery
Jen Kent

Inspired from the poem Hymiskvioa, where Thor must find a large enough cauldron to brew an ale for all the God’s, we present you with a Belgian styled IPA. Based with a Belgian Ale yeast and speciality malts, hops to quench the palate of all, and pellet hops to add a strong muscle of flavor and aroma. Let’s drink shall we?

Malts: FB pale, GWM Vienna and Flaked Barley
Hops: Nugget, Chinook and Cascade

OG: 1.062  TG: 1.012  ABV: 6.45%  IBU: 85  SRM: 5

About • Titan India Red Ale

Old St Francis School Brewery
Michael “Curly” White and Vance Wirtz

The Titan IRA is the OSF’s concoction of a big and malty red ale with the hop emphasis typically seen in IPAs. The Titan has a deep red hue with semi-sweet malt flavors. Big hop tones of citrus and floral give this drink a little extra power. Bold in flavor and all around full bodied, this is not a beer to take lightly. A wonderful mixture of malt complexities bordering on sweet and epic hop flavor, bitterness and aroma! In addition to this all around great flavor we used our Firkin keg to condition some of this batch. The malt boldness is pronounced in this lower carbonated experience. Hop flavors dance on the tongue with all emphasis of Titan’s yell!! Cheers!

Malts: Baird’s Maris Otter Pale, GWM Pilsen, Thomas Fawcett & Sons Crystal Rye 70/80, Franco Belges Caramel Munich 40 and GWM Melanoidin
Hops: Galena, Simcoe, Cascade and Centennial Dry Hopped: Centennial

OG: 1.069  TG: 1.015  ABV: 7%  IBU: 88  SRM: 11

Buzz Words: Hoppy, Bold and Titan-esque!!

About Special Beer Tasting


Join us once a month to sample a new, small-batch beer, handcrafted by one of our brewers.

Talk to the brewers, ask beery questions, enjoy happy hour pricing all night long on these limited-edition pints and more.

And when the beer is gone, it's gone.

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