Steam Punk Pale Ale

Meet The Brewer & Special Beer Tasting

and live music by

The Brothers Jam

  • 5 p.m. 'til beer is gone |
  • Limited-edition beer at happy hour pricing all night |
  • All ages; 21 & over to taste

About Steam Punk Pale Ale


A combination of our classic Hammerhead Ale fermented with an Anchor Steam yeast strain, Steam Punk Pale Ale is a blast from the past. Anchor Steam yeasts are a unique strain of lager yeasts which ferment at higher ale temperatures. These yeasts saw wide use on the West Coast before the advent of refrigeration.

The word “steam” is a reference to the method 19th Century brewers used to cool their hot wort. To accelerate the cooling process, the hot wort was pumped up to shallow cool ships on the roof of the brewery where it would steam as it cooled naturally in the open air. While brewing technology has improved, these yeasts have stuck around because of their unparalleled flavor and aroma.

To ensure an abundant Northwest hop aroma, Steam Punk Pale is dry-hopped with a generous dose of Falconer’s Flight hop pellets. Expect this beer to exhibit a slight lager crispness and spicy malt character, with hop notes of lemon, grapefruit, and pine.

Malts: Premium Two Row, Crystal 75,
Hops: Cascade, Falconers Flight

OG: 1.056  TG: 1.008  ABV: 6.06%  IBU: 47  SRM: 10


About Meet The Brewer & Special Beer Tasting


Join us once a month as the brewery unveils another firkin handcrafted ale.

Talk to the brewers, ask beery questions, enjoy happy hour pricing all night long on these limited-edition pints and more.

And when the beer is gone, it's gone.

McMenamins Old Church Brewery - in the Beer Glass

About The Brothers Jam


Blending rootsy rock and deep rhythmic grooves, the Brothers take their audience on an entertaining sonic journey every time they hit the stage. From Talking Heads to Grateful Dead to Johnny Cash to.....

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