Kites & Crows

  • 7pm til 9pm |
  • Free |
  • 21 and over

About Kites & Crows


Kites & Crows is an indie folk trio from Ashland, Oregon with singer/songwriter Mysha Caruso, multi-instrumentalist Jesse Baldwin and cellist Nancy Martin. The band employs folk and Americana instrumentation such as banjo, cello, harmonica, guitar, and vintage Italian instruments such as a box organ, vibraphonette and accordion. The three musicians of Kites & Crows met while working with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival . The name Kites & Crows actually is inspired from the production of Coriolanus, where the recently banished battle hero is hiding out "...under the the city of kites and crows..." Kites & Crows are on a Summer West Coast tour with their new self produced CD Villager which is the second collection of songs the trio has made since 2010.

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