Alexa Wiley


  • 7pm-9pm |
  • Free |
  • All ages welcome

Special fun for National Food Day!

Garden seed trade will occur where participants can pick up or drop off seeds from their gardens. A raffle will be held for a chance to win a beautifully hand carved pumpkin by Tom Ziemann (Carve for the Cure).

The proceeds from the garden seed trade donations and raffle will benefit local non-profit Growing Gardens' Youth Grow program. 


About Alexa Wiley


The irrepressible Alexa Wiley returns with Poet of Empty Spaces, her latest album on the Red Newt label, that overflows with metaphorical wisdom and a musical energy honed through years of live performances throughout the Northwest.

Beginning with the jazzy lament of "Northside" and continuing through the rocking harmonics of the title track and beyond, Alexa's new album captures the listener in a world colored with sharp songwriting, the musical textures of accomplished accompaniment, and the master crafting of producer Gregg Williams. Each song brims with Alexa's vision of love, nature, lost opportunities, missteps, and the profound places found within the complexity of human endeavors.

Be prepared to love Alexa's unforgettable voice, the exquisite guitar work of Bret Malmquist and the varied genre explorations contained within this mature sonic effort. 


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