Charming Birds

Brothers of the Last Watch

  • 8:30 p.m. |
  • $8 in advance, $8 day of show |
  • 21 and over
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About Charming Birds


Charming Birds are mounting a conspicuous attack on hearts, minds and ears of music fans with a hook-laden wall-of-sound. Giving a nod to the many great Northwest bands of the last two decades, this band hearkens back a little further to a time and place before bearded bicyclists and brooding flannel clad long-hairs dominated the radio waves. Upon first listen, one would assume Charming Birds posters might have adorned telephone poles at the height of the infamous scenes in Minneapolis, Boston, Athens or Chapel Hill. Yet, they are distinctly modern and distinctly Portland. Beneath grizzled vocals, Danko-esque harmonies, ear-bleeding guitar and synth, and a heavy hitting rhythm section, reside clever rock songs that will stick in your head like a television jingle. And, yes, there are a few beards and a few flannel shirts in this band. Next time you're jonesing for the likes of Mould, McCaughan, Martsch, Mascis, or Moore, go see Charming Birds. They might just be the next best thing Portland has to offer. --Jimmy Tucker

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