Feb 16 2012

Our mild climate allows the transition toward a brighter season to begin early.  Spring in our gardens begins in January. There are a surprising array of flowers quite willing to bloom while pummeled by rain and sleet, buried by snow, whipped by dry east winds, and frozen solid.

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Jul 9 2010


When the thermometer pushes 100 degrees, the winds roar down from the mountains, and the humidity dips, we gardeners scramble for water.  Plants in ornamental containers show stress in a day or so. Hanging baskets can dry out even faster. Nursery stock we've propagated and are raising for future planting usually needs to be soaked multiple times a day. In-ground plantings put in this spring are checked and hand-watered.

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Apr 26 2010

CactiI'll begin the blogs I post about McMenamins' gardens by chatting about the most recent larger garden addition to the Kennedy School. It is also my personal favorite.

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