May 18 2016

We are just back from orbiting the galaxy at the 17th Annual UFO Festival - we hope some of you were able to attend. If not, mark the dates for the 18th Annual Festival: May 18-21, 2017 at Hotel Oregon.

And now it's back to Planet Earth. Or, in this case, Planet Lyle...

People are always asking about the meaning of the murals, or the symbolism of the graphics. Well, sometimes a rose is just a rose. And sometimes it's not. Understood? No? Are you experiencing "bogus mystical befuddlement"? OK, that's good.

Take the Edgefield and CPR Distillery icons, for example - you can see examples of them here (on the bottom-right of the Penney's label, and the bottom-center of the Billy label). Rather than reinvent the wheel, we'll let McMenamins artist Lyle Hehn "explain" them - or not.

There are two distillery symbols, one for Edgefield and one for CPR. "Precipitate" appears on Edgefield Distillery labels, and the other one appears on the CPR ones. The other symbol is called "Moon Carrier" because I couldn't think of anything better when I was saving the file. I don't really like that name. I haven't written a description for this other symbol, but the text below will work with either.

Precipitate, or Moon Carrier
Over the years, a number of "mystery symbols" have appeared on the walls of McMenamins and on their distillery labels. These are intended to induce feelings of shallow intrigue and bogus mystical befuddlement.

"Precipitate" is derived from a symbol of that name that can be found on page 73 of The Book of Signs by Rudolf Koch, published by Dover. From this, a similar design emerged that would be original to McMenamins.

Officially, it has no meaning; it's just a piece of artwork. Any attachment of meaning would push the symbol closer to the status of "text," and make it a complicating factor whenever McMenamins submits a distillery label design to the U.S. Government for approval.
The symbol is intended to repel significance.

So, there you have it, friends. Sometimes it's simply best to encourage befuddlement in order to repel significance.

Would you like fries or tots with that?

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