Nov 5 2013

History isn’t all about black-and-white photos, old-timey characters and buildings long since gone. Sometimes you can discover history simply by talking to the people around you.

Read to the very end, to learn the incredible McMenamins connection here….

Bali Ram dancingThis is Bali Ram, a world-renowned classical Indian dancer. Born in Nepal in 1935, Ram today calls Bend, Ore., his home. Over the course of his lengthy career as a dancer, he has performed for kings and princes, presidents and emperors, celebrities and artists.

As a child in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, Ram was found to have an innate sense of rhythm, so he was sent to a rigorous dance academy in New Delhi, India. He trained for hours on end. He became highly skilled at this intricate form of dance in which the slightest movement has great meaning.

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