Sep 9 2012

I'm just going to say it:

Florence & The Machine was one of the best shows I've ever photographed.

I don't like to pick favorites, but how can I not? She was amazing. I think I was holding my breath the whole time, trying not to miss anything. Her performance was as beautiful as it was elegant, as engaging as it was energetic. She held everyone's full attention for the entire show.

In short, it was a photographer's dream.


About the author: Liz Devine has been McMenamins fulltime photographer for 5 years. She is the eyes for the company.
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#1 Wendy Tesulov

Liz did a super job photographing Florence! My husband and I were there for this stunning outdoor concert. Breathtaking! Great pictures! Thanks for inviting her!

#2 Rob Tesulov

Fun to see Tony Hawk there, too! Great pix!

#3 Dametris

Well, you did a phenomenal job!!

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