Dec 6 2011

Our 20-page seasonal newsletter was discontinued a couple years back - so we'll be periodically pulling old stories from this, as well as from the way-way back newsletter called Resonance of the Festival. First up, here's a story published in our Winter 2006 newsletter about our staff's favorite McMenamins artwork...

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things...
photoWe asked McMenamins staff and employees to name their favorite pieces of artwork within the Kingdom. Suggestions came pouring in from our pubs, breweries and hotels, so we could only include a very few of those picks here. Keep an eye out for these masterpieces and others the next time you visit your local McMenamins. Let us know what your favorite artwork is!

Edgefield (Troutdale, OR)
photo"'The Five Ladies' by Lyle Hehn in the Winery Wing] puts out a very cool vibe and of course the bare feet and missing earring are intriguing." - Thursday Jane, Administrative Assistant

"After three years I finally found the woman's missing earring in another painting down the hall." - Andrea Peterson, Giftshop Manager

"The final piece to Joe Cotter's history of Edgefield that adorns the walls of the Black Rabbit Restaurant became my instant favorite when I saw it for the first time. Whereas most of the artwork on the property reflects the past and current history of Edgefield, this painting of the ‘Pig Farm' goes in the opposite direction and portrays one potential or possible vision of the future." - Jeff Bryant, Edgefield Property Manager.

photo"The ones that stick out in my mind are Myrna Yoder's three-dimensional ceramic wall piece at the Power Station Pub of the two ladies having tea and Scott Young's mural in the Ballroom at Edgefield." - Lars Raleigh, Chief Operating Officer of Pubs

"It's more than the art - it's the music, the architecture, the literature and more that makes a place great. Art is one piece of the puzzle, a very important piece. My favorite would be a place that has evolved the furthest [in terms of its artwork] - probably Edgefield has come the furthest." - Mike McMenamin, Company Owner & Visionary

photo"I love the painting by Myrna Yoder at the east end of the Third Floor Hallway with the three old ladies riding the Edgefield water tower off into space. It seems as though they are fantasizing about just heading to the moon, no more worries." - Beckie Watkins, Accounts Payable

"I like the cows in the brewery at Edgefield, with the eyes that follow you when you walk by. Scott Young said that he didn't even try to paint it that way." - Claudine Hemingway-Knapp, Special Events Coordinator

Grand Lodge (Forest Grove, OR)
"I like the Pharoah's Head on the wall as you head downstairs. I like the intricacy of it and I think it's one of Lyle Hehn's strongest pieces, blending reality and fantasy." - Jon Sokol, Webmaster

Crystal Ballroom (Portland, OR)
photo"I love Scott Young's ‘Jorma and Jack' at the Crystal, only it was better with the lady's slipper." - Jimi Biron, Talent Buyer for the Crystal Ballroom. This mural, found to the right of the stage, originally depicted the figure on the right with a lady's high heel that projected outside the painting. The slipper was later changed to a more minstrel-like boot.

Cornelius Pass Roadhouse & Imbrie Hall (Hillsboro, OR)
"My favorite is the eerie painting inside the kindling closet on the second floor of the old Cornelius Pass Roadhouse building. It is a ghostlike woman who looks like she is coming out of the wall. Lyle Hehn did it one night and never told me. I opened the closet later to load with wood and had to change my britches, it scared me so badly." - Christopher Robbins, General Manager

photo"I really like the barn and barn owl painting in Imbrie Hall. It's a great example of Lyle Hehn's work, but mostly I like it because it became the t-shirt for Barn Owl Bitter ale (one of my recipes)." - Bart Hance, Brewery Manager (now Cornelius Pass Distiller)

McMenamins Cedar Hills Pub (Beaverton, OR)

"My favorite is a piece that Lisa Kinsley did in honor of her grandmother. It's a woman's face that looks like it's carved out of marble with beautiful, colorful lilies and vines entwined in her hair and gorgeous hummingbirds hovering about. I love the expression on her face - perfectly serene." - Angela Grace, Human Resources Representative

Hotel Oregon (McMinnville, OR)
"I like the creepy children with the walnut heads painted on the walls of the stairwell." - Mike Walker, Crystal Ballroom Marketer

Barley Mill Pub (Portland, OR)
photo"Jenny Joyce's huge mural of people from the company seated around a long table is a cool piece - it's kind of like a tongue-in-cheek variation on da Vinci's ‘The Last Supper.'" - Kerry Beeaker, Marketing Copy Editor/Writer

McMenamins on the Columbia (Vancouver, WA)
"No question! My favorite is the painting of the Bridge of the Gods." - Blair Hampson, General Manager. The original painting is found at Edgefield but is also used as this Vancouver pub's logo.

Six Arms (Seattle, WA)
photo"Jeff Allen's pipe sculpture there is sooo impressive!" - Zoe Wylychenko, Human Resources Representative

Kennedy School (Portland, OR)

"How about the two statues above the theater projection booth? They are both new to us and very cool. The statues give a whole new meaning to ‘mommy matinees.'" - Tom Smart, Facilities Coordinator. These statues depict women nurturing their children in a celebration of fertility and motherhood.

"My favorite artwork is the mosaics by Mary Topanga that depict letters written by young people to a girl named Lois. The history behind it warms me. Lois was one of the first African-American students here and because of her uniqueness the young people found her alluring and wrote their feelings in letters. The fact the letters were preserved and displayed only sharpens the history. Looking at things now, the world seemed so unjust back then, but in the end, with the knowledge kept by Kennedy School, we know everything here in school was just fine." - Dametris Harrison, Hotel Manager

Old St. Francis School (Bend, OR)
photo"The mosaic work on the soaking pool at Old St. Francis is truly amazing. It is epic in scale and is very beautifully designed. I love looking at all the scenes with St. Francis with all the animals." - Lisa Kinsley, Human Resources Manager

About the author: Kerry Beeaker has been part of our crack McMenamins marketing staff since 2005.
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