Sep 15 2010

Wait, "nearly halfway"... doesn't that mean you never quite get there? You're always nearly halfway??

halfwayNo, not in our case. Lucky for you, we throw a heckuva Halfway party  on (or near) the halfway point to St. Pat's Day every year! We'll have live music across the land (some Irish tunes, some not-even-halfway Irish tunes), Irish dancers doing full-on (and not halfway) routines, food and drink specials and more. It's a good time, and just one more reason to gather with friends, family, leprechauns and all others (except the trolls, of course) to raise a pint of locally brewed beer together, have a burger or two, dance a jig and what-have-you.

So, we'll plan on seeing you Saturday, September 18 at one of our historic properties. Wear green so we'll know which ones you are.

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Everyone loves St. Patrick Day! Its the one day a year for celebrating your Irish heritage (or lack thereof) with binge drinking, midgets with pots of gold, and men wearing skirts. so enjoyble day for all youngester..At Whiskey River, we think that one day a year is just not enough!

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