Aug 13 2010

This year marks the 24th anniversary of the Lighthouse Brewery and the 15th Annual Lighthouse Brewfest. This year's brewfest will feature all 19 McMenamins full-time brewing. As always, the brew fest starts with the "Vallancing Act" (named for former Lighthouse brewer Rob Vallance) as each of the participating Brewers is assigned a number. Beer styles are then pulled from a Portland Timbers hat to correspond to that number. The brewers are required to brew an original recipe in that style.

The Tiny Brewer Art is an attempt by the brewers to represent that part of the beer that can't be put into words.

Here are some examples of this year's artwork:

Locomotivator Doppelbock
Roseburg Station Brewery
Brewer/artist: Tom Johnson
Roseburg TBALocomotivator is a dark brown Doppelbock fermented with Bavarian Lager yeast that features a rich maltiness that dominates the subtle continental hop character. Oak and whiskey flavors were infused by aging for over a month in a whiskey barrel from our Edgefield Distillery.

Heat Wave Golden Ale
West Linn Brewery
Brewer/artist: Jeremy Wulf
WL TBANoble hops and light malts were used to make this beer quite the palate-pleaser. The beer also is dry-hopped with Citra hops in order to give it an added twist of aroma.

James' Brown
Edgefield Brewery
Brewers/artists: Brewers: Kevin Lee, Bruce Loux, Robert Mason, Breck Taylor, James Winther, Charlton Fulton
ED TBAThe name of this particular brew is a bit of a play on words, being both an eponym and a reference to the musician the brewer had listened to in The Power Station Pub at lunch the day of the brew. Woody hops immediately strike the palate, but surrender quickly to toasty, bready malts with caramel and molasses sweetness.

Young Gun ESB
Old St Francis Brewery
OSf TBAThis ESB is a medium-bodied ale with a bit of sweet toasty flavors that are combined with earthy-style hops with a mild bitterness that does not linger too long. The aroma is a mixture of malty goodness but with a hint of floral hops.

All of this fun is held together by the Mighty Beer Atom, the fundamental building block that is the basis of life as we know it - as seen at the top of this post. This year's Atom was designed by James McManus of Market Street Brewery.

Come try all the beers, starting at 11 a.m. at the Lighthouse! We're located at 4157 N. Highway 101 in Lincoln City. Here are the rest of the tasty brews that await: Cheers! 

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