Oct 15 2010

Any Port In A Storm
A Port-Style Wine Tasting at Edgefield

Thursday, November 11, 2010

RedsWhat does "any port in a storm" mean, exactly?

It was a phrase used by the Portuguese men and women who brought us the fortified style of wine called port. Traditionally, the Portuguese made their living from fishing the tumultuous Atlantic seas. When the weather made it difficult to continue, they would search for the nearest port in which to take refuge, where they would be welcomed with a glass of warming port and a hearty bite to eat.

Edgefield Winery honors this tradition on Thursday, November 11, by hosting an outdoor party where we'll drink the wines and eat the foods traditionally consumed in Portugal. Guests will enjoy a selection of ports paired with a tasting menu, live music by Hanz Araki and Friends and information on the history of Port and the Portuguese cork industry.

The spirits menu, paired with chestnuts roasted on an open fire, will feature:


1993 LBV Zinfandel Fireside - This new release is bottled from a barrel of the first Port style wine produced at the Edgefield Winery. Seventeen years aging in barrel has made this wine smooth and rich, with complex flavors of dried fruits, spices and roasted nuts.

2010 Fortice - Also a new release, this white Port-styled wine began as our Ice Block Pinot Gris, but was fortified in 2005 and allowed to age five more years in barrel, producing an unctuously sweet and rich fortified wine.

2005 Zinfandel Fireside - An Edgefield Winery favorite, this wine is produced from grapes sourced from the 100-year-old vines of "The Pines" Vineyard of the Columbia River Gorge. Ruby in style, the wine possesses aromas of figs and raisins with hints of caramel and spice.

2003 Fireside Syrah - This wine is sourced from the Chukar Ridge Vineyard of Eastern Washington. Natural fruit dehydration on the vine accentuates the nutty, dried fruit aromas of dark cherry and plum, interlaced with hints of anise, violets and toffee.

The dinner menu, prepared by Chef John Zenger of the Black Rabbit Restaurant, was created to showcase the versatility of port-style wines, highlighting the developed bouquets of dried fruits, nuts and toffee, and complementing the full-bodied, sweet and complex finish of these wines:

Sicilian-Style Salt Cod Fritters - with smoked paprika aioli

Bruschetta - with various toppings

Blue Cheese-Stuffed Date - wrapped in bacon

Sautéed Marcona Almonds

Braised Boneless Beef Chuck Short Rib - with arugula salad, agro-dolce pearl onions

Sheep's Milk Cheese Board - crackers, estate green tomato chutney, dried fruits, fig bread

Poached Pear Crème Brulée

CyardThis event will take place on November 11, rain or shine (and we're actually hoping for a little rain, to make it that much more authentic)! Gather in Edgefield's Black Rabbit Courtyard from 6 p.m. ‘til 9 p.m. The cost is $35 per person (21 & over); reservations are required and can be made by calling (503) 669-8610.

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