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Edgefield Distillery
Distilling Process

Distillery Tours
Monday–Sunday at 2 p.m.

photoIt was a cold and rainy day in February 1998 when the Edgefield Distillery threw open the doors of its rustic lair of a building, once a dry shed for storing vegetables grown at the Edgefield estate during its days as a poor farm. Today, the spot hosts the Distillery itself, along with the Distillery Bar and serves as the clubhouse for Edgefield's par-3 Pub Course.

With glass in hand while standing behind a wall of ornate etched glass, visitors can watch our 12-foot-high, gleaming copper-and-stainless-steel still in full swing. It resembles a hybrid of a 19th-century diving suit and oversized coffee urn, a design made famous by Holstein of Germany.

photoSpecialties of the house include the rich, amber-hued Hogshead Whiskey, fragrant Edgefield Brandy and Penney's Gin, as well as Longshot Brandy and Pear Brandy.

Spirits can be sampled and purchased at the adjacent Distillery Bar, a comfortable and inviting pub open to guests who are 21 and over. Cozy up next to the fire insides its weathered walls, fashioned from a series of etched windows that once adorned the likes of merry old England's White Horse Inn and Bellman's Cross Inn. Or take a table outside to enjoy fair weather.

Did you know we added a second distillery? Visit the Cornelius Pass Distillery, founded in 2012.


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