Great Northwest Music Tour: 2016

A musical caravan, rolling
through our historic properties.

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Aaron Lee Tasjan runs the gamut of American roots music, from folk, country and blues to rock & roll. There's fanboat bayou swamp-soul boogie, Fillmore West buzzing-bee Quicksilver guitar mayhem, sweltering latenight R&B shuffles, twangadelic California country, and plenty of good old chiming American rock & roll.

Wed 5/18/2016 Edgefield - Blackberry Hall
Thu 5/19/2016 Kennedy School - Gym
Fri 5/20/2016 Old St. Francis School - Father Luke's
Sat 5/21/2016 Hotel Oregon - Mattie's Room
Mon 5/23/2016 Olympic Club - Theater
Wed 5/25/2016 Anderson School - Haynes Room

David Childers
' music is a hybrid that blends Childers' roots in folk, country and blues, with the a mix of acoustic and electronic sounds that span the entire history of American music. "David is the most prolific North Carolina songwriter alive," Bob Crawford (of the Avett Brothers) said. "Everywhere I go, people ask about him. It's great to see people constantly discovering this man and his massive body of work."

Tue 6/21/2016 Edgefield - Little Red Shed
Wed 6/22/2016 Old St. Francis School - Father Luke's
Thu 6/23/2016 Kennedy School - Gym
Fri 6/24/2016 Grand Lodge - Pat's Corner
Sun 6/26/2016 Anderson School - The Shack
Tue 6/28/2016 Olympic Club - Theater

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