Old St. Francis School Brewery in Bend, OR

Established: November 2004
2014 Brewery Production: 194 batches • 2338.30 kegs • 289,949 pints

Monthly beer tastings.
Last Wednesdays of the month at 5 p.m.

The onsite brewery opened as part of the rejuvenated Old St. Francis School in 2004. Once the basement lunchroom of the former Catholic school, the area has been transformed to facilitate the creation of the handcrafted ales St. Francis' patrons have come to know and admire. The brewery's fermentation tanks are decorated with fantastical designs of mystical creatures and fairy-like imps.

Head Brewer Mike "Curly" White has been the resident brewer here since 2006, and his fine beers such as Father D's Kölsch, Parson Brown & Gunslinger Pale Ale are all proven recipes savored by house regulars and those travelers passing through alike.

The monthly O'Kanes Cask Series, aka "Curly's Firkin" release on the last Wednesday of each month held in O'Kanes has become the stuff of local legend.  Beer, fun, fires & cigars.  Who'd have thunk?

Local company Wanderlust Tours recently added Old St. Francis to their Bend Brew Bus! Guests board the bus, travel to four different breweries for insiders' tours and enjoy free beer along the way.  

Interested in purchasing a keg? Call (541) 382-5174 and ask for the brewery. Also review our list of frequently asked questions .

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