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Brewers: Chris Oslin & Brady Romtvedt

Jam Session ISAJam Session ISA
Being an India style, expect our trio of hops to be the front man of this band, providing strong riffs of floral and pine and a beat of citrus. A majority of the hops is added in late additions, which provides full flavors and aromas without the bittering astringency. Whether you’re a hard-rockin’ IPA drinker or a classical golden ale drinker, you’ll find the essence and song of the season in every pint. Enjoy a Jam Session ISA and turn the volume of your day up to 11.
OG: 1.047  TG: 1.010  ABV: 4.77%  IBU: 54  SRM: 4

Dark Star
Lovers of hop, your star has risen. Dark Star’s solid malt backbone is laced with black malts for unmatched robustness and complexity, allowing it to shoulder a bounty of NW hops with unparalleled grace. Big, bold, and brimming with flavor, this is our definition of Cascadian Dark. 
OG: 1.074  TG: 1.014  ABV: 7.74%  IBU: 93  SRM: 30

Winnie The Wheat
A variation on Mott’s Wheaty the Pooh in A minor. This crisp, light, and thirst quenching wheat ale was brewed with an emphasis on malt character. Hop additions were scaled back to provide balance only and allow the wholesome wheat flavor to shine. Can anyone spare a jar of honey? 
OG: 1.049  TG: 1.007  ABV: 5.42%  IBU: 15  SRM: 4

Citra Smash
This is a “smash” beer which stands for “single malt and single hop”. The Citra hop contributes a surprising depth of bright, citrusy notes while the non-traditional use of Vienna as a base malt gives a pleasing malt backbone to this hoppy golden ale.
OG: 1.041  TG: 1.008  ABV: 4.26%  IBU: 43  SRM: 4

Worker Bee Pale Ale
A crisp and dry-finishing pale ale that welcomes Spring and is loaded with hop bitterness and aroma. Inspired by a radio personality who urges the “worker bees” around the world to stand their ground, and tell their pigdog lizard bosses to stick those forked tongues back into their lizard heads.
OG: 1.055  TG: 1.008  ABV: 6.06%  IBU: 40  SRM: 9

Solar Sail IPA
Hold your pint up to the light and you will see sunshine in a glass. Tip it back, and enjoy the journey.
OG: 1.067  TG: 1.010  ABV: 7.35%  IBU: 91  SRM: 7

Nuggethead IPA
This IPA was brewed using only high-alpha Nugget hops. These hops are famous for being intense, spicy, and pungent with a black currant aroma. 
OG: 1.065  TG: 1.014  ABV: 6.58%  IBU: 100+  SRM: 4

Purple Haze
A light, crisp and refreshingly fruity ale. Slightly more tart and fuller- bodied than our Ruby recipe, this is a pub favorite. Made with boysenberries instead of raspberry puree. 
OG: 1.040  TG: 1.006  ABV: 4.39%  SRM: 3

On Nitro Tap:
Palmer Lift Porter

Served via the nitro tap, this velvety brew will glissade over your palate delivering the dark goodness of chocolate.
OG: 1.058  TG: 1.010  ABV: 6.19%  IBU: 21  SRM: 33

Terminator Stout
This is a full bodied and flavor packed ale which draws its robust complexity from kiln-baked specialty grains. A wide array of toasted, chocolate, nutty and coffee-like flavors in every pint!
Malts: Premium 2-row Malt, Munich Malt, 40L Crystal, and Black Barley
Hops: Nugget and Yakima Goldings
OG: 1.063  TG: 1.014  ABV: 6.32  IBU: 53  SRM: 35

A classic Northwest pale ale, this rich chestnut colored gem is a model of harmony between hops and malted barley.
Malts: Premium 2-row Malt and 75L Crystal Malt
Hops: Cascade
OG: 1.056  TG: 1.0010  ABV: 5.39  IBU: 44  SRM: 11

Ruby Ale

Great Western Premium 2-row and 42 pounds of Oregon-grown and processed raspberry puree is used to craft every colorful batch. Simple but delicious.
Malts: Pilsen
Hops: Vary
OG: 1.039  TG: 1.005  ABV: 4.39

Enjoy a pint of McMenamins' finest!
Beer & Cider available to go at all McMenamins locations.

Hard Cider

Edgefield Hard Cider
Locally grown apples are juiced and fermented into a light, crisp and refreshing hard cider.

Edgefield Seasonal Hard Cider: Perry
Locally grown pears are juiced and fermented into a light, crisp and refreshing hard cider

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