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If you'd like to comment about a recent experience at one of our locations or ask a property-specific question, please use our online comment card.

Specific Locations

Please use navigation at the top of the page to visit a specific property page and then use phone number or e-mail link found below address info in upper left corner.

Hotel Inquiries

Please visit the individual Hotel home page for phone numbers and e-mail links for specific inquiries or cancelations. Reservations can be made online at any time. For more general questions about our hotels, please e-mail

Online Store 

(503) 669-8610 x299 (in Oregon)
(800) 669-8610 x299 (Elsewhere)

Headquarters Office

430 N. Killingsworth St.
Portland, OR 97217
Phone: (503) 223-0109
Fax: (503) 294-0837

General e-mail inquiries:
General inquiries are answered Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

COO - Hotels: DJ Simcoe

COO - Pubs: Lars Raleigh

Donation Requests and Information: Visit McMenamins Donation Program

Regarding Breweries: Rob Vallance, Brewery General Manager

Regarding Music:
At the Crystal Ballroom: Visit the Crystal's Band & Artist Info page.
At Lola's Room: Contact by e-mail.
At Al's Den, Boons Treasury, Spar Café, White Eagle or Wilsonville: Contact by e-mail.
At Rock Creek Tavern or the Sand Trap:
Contact by e-mail.
At our Hotels: Contact by e-mail.
Great Northwest Music Tour: Contact by e-mail.
All others:  Contact by e-mail.

Regarding History: Tim Hills, Historian

McMenamins is always searching for more stories, pictures, information and memorabilia from the past as it relates to our properties. Please contact us via email or by using the form at the bottom of our History home page. We thank you!

The following departments are located at:
McMenamins Edgefield
2126 SW Halsey
Troutdale, OR 97060

Regarding Winery: Davis Palmer, Wine Maker

Regarding Distillery: Clark McCool, Distillery Manager

Regarding Marketing: Renee Rank Ignacio, Marketing Director

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