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Featured Food

Mama Lil's Flat Bread $8.75
salami, arugula & Mama Lil's peppers

Summer Bruschetta $8.50
Mama Lil's peppers, tapenade, goat cheese, arugula

Caprese Salad $8.75
red & yellow grape tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil & arugula tossed with balsamic vinaigrette

Olympic Club $12.50
toasted focaccia, turkey, bacon , lettuce, tomato & black garlic aioli served with your side of choice

Pizza Vesuvius $11.25 / $27.50
pesto sauce, prosciutto, goat cheese, red onion & tomato


Seasonal Dessert $6.50
ask you server for today’s selection

Black & Tan Brownie $5.75
caram-ale sauce & Tillamook® vanilla bean ice cream

Salted Caramel-Hazelnut Tart $5.75
dark chocolate sauce & Tillamook® vanilla bean ice cream

Northwest Berry Bar $5.75
marionberries, butter crumble & vanilla bean ice cream

Hand-Scooped Milkshakes $5
your choice of strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla all made with Tillamook® vanilla bean ice cream

Terminator-Chocolate Milkshake $5.75

Mocha Milkshake $5.75

* Consuming raw or undercooked eggs & meats may increase your risk of foodborne illness.



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