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Hammerhead - A classic Northwest pale ale and McMenamins top selling beer. This rich chestnut colored gem is a model of harmony between hops and malted barley. Hammerhead's signature Cascade hop nose and intense hopped flavor blend nicely with the caramel tones from the crystal malt. This beer has a vocal following, to run out is an unforgivable sin.
(McMenamins on the Columbia Brewer • Jesse Grover)
Malts: Premium 2-row Malt and 75oL Crystal Malt
Hops: Cascade
OG: 1.056 TG 1.010 ABV: 5.93 IBU: 44 SRM: 11

Terminator Stout - Terminator is for the true stout lover. This is a full bodied and flavor packed ale which draws its robust complexity from kiln-baked specialty grains. Look for a wide array of toasted, chocolate, nutty and coffee-like flavors in every pint!
(McMenamins on the Columbia Brewer • Jesse Grover)
Malts: Premium 2-row Malt, Munich Malt, 40oL Crystal and Black Barley
Hops: Chinook and Cascade
OG: 1.065 TG: 1.015 ABV: 6.45 IBU: 30 SRM: 35

One of our most popular standards, we still make Ruby with the same aims we had when brewing the first batch back in March 1986: To create an ale light, crisp and refreshingly fruity. Great Western Premium 2-row and 42 pounds of Oregon-grown and processed raspberry puree is used to craft every colorful batch. Simple but delicious. Taste the original!
Malts: Premium 2-row Malt
Hops: Vary
Fruit: Raspberries
OG: 1.039 TG: 1.005 ABV: 4.39

20 Watt Wheat - This wheat is as bright as they come. There is just enough hops to balance the sweetness of the grain and barley. The wheat shines though and gives a bready sweetness and coats your pallet. Follow the light to this wheat, which will bring you to a summer day on the patio with every sip. Cheers!
(McMenamins On The Columbia Brewery • Jesse Grover)
Malts: Premium 2-Row, Red Wheat, Flaked Barley, C-15
Hops: Golding, Tettnanger
OG: 1.036 TG: 1.006 ABV: 4.00 IBU: 34 SRM: 4

McMenamins Irish Stout on Nitro - It is a very dark, ebony-colored stout with a thick, creamy and long-lasting head. The flavor is a fantastic fusion of coffee-like roasted barley bitterness and semi-sweet chocolate. A moderate hop bitterness balances pleasingly with this hearty backbone, while tiny nitrogen bubbles enhance the sensation on your taste buds with a smooth, silky creaminess
(McMenamins On The Columbia Brewery • Jesse Grover)
Malts: Pale Malt, Flaked Barley, Brown Malt, Chocolate Malt, Roasted Barley
Hops: Nugget, US Golding
OG: 1.045 TG: 1.007 ABV: 4.90 IBU: 38 SRM: 32

Cocoa Mole Milk Porter on Nitro - The common legend of mole sauce is while nuns were cooking for the archbishop spices were knocked over or blown over into pots in which turkeys were cooking. They used the sauce and the archbishop loved it. When asked how they made it, they replied "we made a mole", mole is an ancient word for mix. This brew is a mix of different flavors and spices. The flavor starts off with a big cinnamon burst and finishes with a slight spice. This balances with the milky sweetness and full mouthfeel. Enjoy this complex mix while becoming your own archbishop.
(McMenamins On The Columbia Brewery • Jesse Grover)
Malts: Premium 2-Row, Munich, C-40, Black malt
Hops: Nugget
Adjuncts: Lactose Sugar, Cocoa Nibs, Habanero Peppers, Cinnamon
OG: 1.056 TG: 1.011 ABV: 5.81 IBU: 11 SRM: 33

Saison Amer - Saison is a classic French and Belgian style "Farmhouse Ale", which is brewed during the winter months and consumed in the hot summer time. This version is for the spring months and is slightly bitterer and has a fuller mouth feel than its summer counterpart. This is a celebration between two beer territories. The French yeast is combined with the Northwest hops to create a unique, fruity aroma and a subtle spiced flavor. The cloudy orange color balances and supports the hop bitterness while still being very refreshing. Enjoy the complexity of this world brew while sitting in our damp climate but being transported to the open farm fields of Belgium one sip at a time. Cheers!
(McMenamins On The Columbia Brewery • Jesse Grover)
Malts: Pilsen, White Wheat, Munich, Crystal 75L, Premium 2-Row
Hops: Horizon, Chinook, Centennial, Mosaic
OG: 1.058 TG: 1.008 ABV: 6.45 IBU: 59 SRM: 7

Saison Noir - This saison is the combination of spring and winter in a glass. Saison's are classically airy, spiced, light and refreshing, perfect for the summer months. This saison is for the winter months, to see what the flipside of the coin would taste like. A dark, complex, lightly roasty ale featuring vanilla beans and the black pepper and citrus flavors of grains of paradise.
(McMenamins Edgefield Brewery • Jesse Grover)
Malts: Pilsner, Munich, Wheat, Crystal 150, Black Prinz, Midnight Wheat
Hops: Brewers Gold
Adjuncts: Vanilla Bean, Grains of Paradise
OG: 1.060 TG: 1.009 ABV: 6.58 IBU: 38 SRM: 25

The Crew IPA - The whole gang is here! Seven different hops with seven different hop additions give a unique blend of citrus, fruit and pine flavor. Pilsen malt and Rolled Oats create a light body that finishes crisp and clean, allowing the hops to shine through and become the main focus. The Crew shows that there is strength in numbers. Each member brings their own flavors and aromas but show that one is not more important than the whole.
(McMenamins On The Columbia Brewery • Jesse Grover)
Malts: Pilsen, Rolled Oats
Hops: Chinook, Centennial, Mosaic, Citra, Perle, Cascade, Simcoe
OG: 1.063 TG: 1.008 ABV: 7.09 IBU: 100+ SRM: 4

Bracket Buster IPA - Will it be the 12 seed or the 9 seed to serve an upset? The tournament has started and this underdog is ready to fight. The slight caramel sweetness is assisted from the sharp bitterness upfront. Hops are playing full court press and will stand down to no opponent. This starting lineup is full of floral and spiced hops, while a big body in the Munich malt is holding down the post. Root on the team to break everyone's bracket.
(McMenamins On The Columbia Brewery • Jesse Grover)
Malts: Premium 2- Row, Munich, Crystal 15L
Hops: Horizon, Sterling, Crystal, Meridian
OG: 1.061 TG: 1.010 ABV: 6.58 IBU: 69 SRM: 5

*The Shredder Imperial Milk Stout - This is a dominate force to reckon with. Shredder will stand down to no one and will not be compared to anything. Big chocolate flavor blend with lactose sugar to create a sweet and rich mouthfeel. Dark Crystal malt and the Caramel Munich malt add a thick body and toasted caramel flavor. The leader of The Foot Clan is a complex and intimidating individual, respect him but do not fear. (McMenamins On The Columbia Brewery • Jesse Grover)
Malts: Premium 2-Row, Rolled Oats, Black Malt, Chocolate Malt, Roast, Dark Crystal 165L, Dark Chocolate Malt, Caramel Munich 40L
Hops: Nugget, Centennial
Adjuncts: Lactose Sugar
OG: 1.090 TG: 1.020 ABV: 9.03 IBU: 37 SRM: 41


Edgefield Hard Cider - Locally grown apples are juiced and fermented into a light, crisp and refreshing hard cider. Always gluten free! ABV: 6.5%

Edgefield Pomegranate Cider - crafted with those unexpectedly gorgeous winter sunny days and warming weather in mind. The tartness of the pomegranate is balanced with the crispness and sweetness of the apple. ABV: 6.5%

Laurelwood Workhorse IPA * Stella Artois Lagunitas IPA * Bud * Coors Light



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