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Kris Kringle
Just in time for the holidays, the busy-as-elves McMenamins brewers have
created another wonderful gift for your taste buds this holiday season. The 2012 version of Kris Kringle is a hearty and robust ale with a big and bold malt complexity as well as an intense and flavorful hop profile. This "winter warmer" highlights the rich, toasty, aromatic and chocolaty malt flavors as its very sturdy foundation. Generous amounts of four different hop varieties were added in five different additions, which delivers a magnificent and mas- sive hop assault. McMenamins brewers hope you enjoy this years' version of our old Holiday favorite, Kris Kringle. Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!
Malts: Pale Ale, Munich, Wheat, 15L & 120L Crystal and Chocolate
Hops: Nugget, Centennial, Cascade and Santiam
OG:1.068 TG:1.015 ABV:6.84 IBU:83 SRM:15

30th Anniversary Hillsdale Ale
On October 25th 1985 McMenamins began its journey into the history of Oregon brewing with the liquid malt extract based Hillsdale Ale - a ‘Special Bitter' style beer that pre-dates Terminator, Hammerhead and Ruby as the company's first bona fide flagship beer. To celebrate this historic brew day, and the thirty years of hard work and creativity that have come after it, we've carefully studied the margins, scribbles, and beer stained errata of the original brewery records in an attempt to recreate one of the Pacific Northwest's lost legacy beers. We believe this modern version is true to its past as a medium-bodied, straw- colored ale with a crisp, light bitterness owing to Centennial, Tettnang and Brewers Gold hops. The 30th Anniversary Hillsdale Ale will be re- leased as a one day special pouring at all McMenamins locations on October 25th 2015.
Malts: Great Western Malting NW Pale Ale Malt, Great Western Malting Munich Malt, Great Western Malting Dextrapils
Hops: Centennial (Bittering), Brewer's Gold (Flavor & Aroma), Tett- nanger (Flavor & Aroma)
OG:1.045 TG:1.010 ABV:4.51 IBU:38 SRM:4

Wade's Choice
This is a so called double IPA. First wort hopped with Nugget hops.
Flavored with Sterling and finished with 3 adds of Chinooks. Dry hopped with Bullion pellets. This is a beer for serious hop heads. Need- less to say our Fearless Leader picked this beer style. Hope that you enjoy several pints. Prost!
Malts: Premium Two-Row, Pilsner malt, Midnight Wheat, and Crystal 120L
Hops: Galena, Brewers Gold, and Chinook
OG:1.084 TG:1.015 ABV:8.75 IBU:99 SRM: 8
Buzz words: Extremely Bitter, Strong, and Rebellious

Dandy Amber Ale
Malty but not overly sweet, mild hop flavors and medium bodied make this a smooth, delicate drink to be savored. If you are looking for some- thing different, something classy, if you dress like Mr. Peanut, then this
is the beer for you. Cheers.
Malts: ESB. Maris Otter, Oats, Chocolate and Honey malt
Hops: Horizon and Cascade
OG:1.053 TG:1.011 ABV:5.4 IBU:31 SRM:12
Buzz words: Smooth and Malty

Lizbie Browne
Dear Lizbie Browne where are you now? In sun, in rain? Or is your brow past joy, past pain, dear Lizbie Browne? A pleasant English style brown ale, mild and smooth.
Malts: Maris Otter, Oats, Brown and Pale Chocolate
Hops: Chinook
OG:1.048 TG:1.007 ABV:5.2 IBU:34 SRM:9

Thundercone Fresh Hop Ale
Fresh (or wet) Brewers Gold hops were fran cally delivered straight from the hop elds and each batch of "Thundercone Fresh Hop Ale" was brewed within hours of the hops being picked o of the vine. This beer starts with a smooth founda on and just a slight mal ness with the real star of this show being the fresh hops used for both avoring and aroma. Brewers Gold hops enrich Thundercone with an earthy, raw hop decadence, which can only come from fresh hops.
Malts: Premium 2-Row, Caramel Munich 40
Hops: Chinook, Fresh Brewers Gold
OG:1.059 TG:1.013 ABV:5.8 IBU:60 SRM:7
Buzz words: Medium-bodied, Citrusy, Fresh

Greenway Golden
Here is an ale that is light in body, crisp and refreshing without any
overpowering hop flavors or malty sweetness. The Greenway Golden pairs well with almost any food and makes a great session beer that won't fill you up so order a pint or ask your server for a sample.
Malts: Golden Promise, Munich, Honey, and Flaked Barley
Hops: Cascade, Centennial
OG:1.044 TG:1.006 ABV:4.9 IBU:35 SRM:6

Purple Haze
A light, crisp, and refreshingly fruity ale. Slighty more tart and fuller
bodied than our ruby recipe, this is a pub favorite. Made with boysen- berries instead of the raspberry puree.
Malts: Premium Two Row
Hops: Chinook
Fruit: Boysenberries
OG: 1.040 FG: 1.006 ABV: 4.39 SRM 3

Wondercat Wheat
Sometimes it's really hard to come up with a name for every beer we make. How many "W"-words can you attach to wheat anyways? Some- times you just have to wing it and name it after one of the brewer's cats. Wondercat wheat is a crisp, hay-colored ale made from sweet Wheat and Munich malts. Mosaic, Meridian and Centennial hops provide a tropical fruit aroma and flavor. This beer is so good, you'll forget how silly the name Wondercat is.
Malt: 2 Row, White Wheat, Munich
Hops: Mosaic, Meridian, Centennial
OG: 1.048 FG: 1.006 ABV: 5.42 IBU: 24 SRM: 5 

McMenamins Irish Stout (on Nitro tap)
This is our Halfway to Saint Patrick's Day Seasonal and will pour exclu- sively on our ‘Nitro' taps for the occassion. McMenamins Irish Stout is our interpretation of the internationally renowned beer style that origi- nated in Ireland. McMenamins Irish Stout is made as traditionally as possible with our own little twist. It is a very dark, ebony-colored stout with a thick, creamy and long-lasting head. The flavor is a fantastic fusion of coffee-like roasted barley bitterness and semi-sweet chocolate. A moderate hop bitterness balances pleasingly with this hearty backbone, while tiny nitrogen bubbles enhance the sensation on your taste buds with a smooth, silky creaminess. A touch of the Irish, the blessings of St. Patrick and a pint of McMenamins Irish Stout to you!
Malts: Pale Ale, Flaked Barley, Brown, Chocolate, Roast
Hops: Nugget, US Golding
OG: 1.045 TG: 1.007 ABV: 4.90 IBU: 38 SRM: 32

A classic Northwest pale ale. This rich chestnut colored gem is a model of harmony between hops & malted barley. Hammerhead's signature Cascade hop nose & intense hop flavor blend nicely with the caramel tones from the Crystal malt. To run out is an unforgivable sin.
Malts: Premium 2-row Malt and 75L Crystal Malt
Hops: Cascade
OG: 1.056 TG 1.010  ABV: 5.93  IBU: 44  SRM: 11

Terminator Stout
Black as the darkest night, rich as the most decadent dessert, Terminator is for the true stout lover. A full bodied & flavor packed ale which draws its robust complexity from a wide array of kiln-baked specialty grains. Flavors of toast, chocolate, nut and coffee flavors in every pint!
Malts: Premium 2-row Malt, Munich Malt, 40L Crystal, and Black Barley
Hops: Chinook and Cascade
OG: 1.065  TG: 1.015  ABV: 6.45  IBU: 30  SRM: 35

Ruby Ale

We still make Ruby with the same aims we had when brewing the first batch back in March 1986: To create an ale light, crisp and refreshingly fruity. Great Western Premium 2-row and 42 pounds of Oregon-grown & processed raspberry puree is used to craft every colorful batch.
Malts: Premium 2-row Malt
Hops: Vary
Fruit: Raspberries
OG: 1.039  TG: 1.005  ABV: 4.3

Hard Cider

Edgefield Hard Cider
An aromatic blend of Red Delicious, Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith & Honey Crisp Apples

Seasonal Cider - Blackberry
What says "late summer" in the Pacific Northwest more than the scrumptious taste of wild blackberries?? Utilizing two iconic Northwest fruits - apples and blackberries - we have crafted this delicious new seasonal cider bringing together the crisp bite of the apple with the overt fruitiness of the blackberry.

Guest Hard Cider

Atlas Apricot Cider
Pressed golden orange apricots dominate this uniquely tart cider. The Apricots add a subtle flavor that is like combining a peach and a plum but not quite as sweet. The Romans and Greeks had it right when they used apricots as a main ingredient of their drink known as the "Nectar of the Gods". The driest of our ciders leaves a lasting round finish that calls for more. May the Gods be appeased.
ABV: 6.2%

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