Brewery in Lincoln City 

Established: July 1986
2014 Brewery Production: 113 batches • 1327 kegs • 164,548 pints

The Lighthouse — which inaugurated post-Prohibition brewing on the Oregon Coast — premiered in 1986. From the time of its opening, its brewers have done things a little differently, even developing a slower, delayed timepiece referred to as the "Coastal Clock." There was the rumored pre-dawn naked mash-in episode early on,  a "Pints For Rides" sign hung in the brewery closet (when not in use),  and of course the legendary 'brewer's shack' which provided needed respite for weary brewers and their many visitors on the beautiful shores of the Pacific.

In addition to long-standing house staple Cascade Head, a crisp, golden ale named for the local Cape, the Lighthouse was the birthplace of Jack Harris' chestnut-colored Captain Redbeard.  Chewbaccan Stout was a BIG "chewy" ale conceived by Lincoln City's unauthorized mayor, Mike Hogan, a legend among the locals during his tenure.

Locals and tourist alike enjoy the whimsy that is "Tiny Brewer Art" and celebrate the creative spirit of beer and brewing at Lighthouse's Brewfest, a tradition-laden affair which takes place each August.

Interested in purchasing a keg? Call the brewery at (541) 994-9678 and review our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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