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Handcrafted Beer: glass $2.90 / pint $5.25 / pitcher $14

High Gravity Selections: glass $3.20 / pint $5.75 / pitcher $15.50

Brewery Sampler: six samples $8

Smells Like Hogg Spirit
Air guitar solos and hang banging are always encouraged while sipping on this rocking IPA. The third chapter in the Hogg IPA series this one brings a whole lot of rocking hop action to the party. With a lighter malt flavor this IPA lets the hops do all the talking! Packed with loads of Simcoe and Mosaic hops this IPA brings lovely citrus and fruit like flavors to your tongue with a mild earthy spiciness to mellow it all out on the back end of your taste buds. Summer may almost be over but it's never too late to enjoy a lovely hoppy beverage.
Malts: GWM NW Pale, GWM 2-Row, GWM Munich, GWM Crystal 15, and Franco Belges CM 40 Victory
Hops: Simcoe, Mosaic, Chinook, and Centennial (Dry Hopped Mosaic)
OG: 1.061 TG: 1.010 ABV: 6.6 IBU: 69 SRM: 6

Thundercone Fresh Hop Ale
Fresh (or wet) Simcoe hops were frantically delivered straight from the hop fields to 20 McMenamins Breweries and each batch of "Thundercone" was brewed within hours of the hops being picked off of the vine. The resulting beer is an absolute fresh hop showcase. This beer starts with a smooth foundation and just a slight maltiness. The real star of this show is the fresh hops used for both flavoring and aroma. Five pounds of fresh Simcoe hops per barrel were added in three different additions in every batch. These fresh hops overwhelm "Thundercone" with an earthy, raw hop decadence that can only come from fresh hops. It is a greener and more unadulterated flavor and aroma than comes from dried hops. This beer is so refreshing and hop-filled that you may think you are dreaming but this beer is in reality a short lived dream come true.
Malts: Superior Pilsen, Caramel Munich 40 
Hops: Galena, Cascade, Fresh Simcoe
OG: 1.061 TG: 1.013 ABV: 6.19 IBU: 58 SRM: 7

McMenamins Irish Stout (on Nitro tap)
Irish eyes will be smiling with the arrival of our Saint Patrick's Day Seasonal that will pour exclusively on our ‘Nitro' taps for the entire month of March. It is a very dark, ebony-colored stout with a thick, creamy and long-lasting head. The flavor is a fantastic fusion of coffee-like roasted barley bitterness and semi-sweet chocolate. A moderate hop bitterness balances pleasingly with this hearty backbone, while tiny nitrogen bubbles enhance the sensation on your taste buds with a smooth, silky creaminess. One sip will have your head in the Emerald Isle clouds.
Malts: Pale Malt, Flaked Barley, Brown Malt, Chocolate Malt, Roasted Barley
Hops: Chinook, US Golding
OG: 1.045 TG: 1.007 ABV: 4.90 IBU: 38 SRM: 34

Burgundy's Red Ale
A beer made for the lovers of leather bound books and rich mahogany. This Red is a glass full of malty joy and hoppy goodness. With a nice balance of hops and malts this red has a nice medium body that is complimented by a toasty caramel like malt flavor and subtle hop bite that is sure to please. Anyone holding a pint of this Red Ale is definitely kind of a "Big Deal" and is sure to be the life of the party.
Malts: Baird's Maris Otter, Briess Aromatic, GWM 60L, GWM 120L, Baird's Chocolate
Hops: Cluster, Mosaic, Centennial, and Citra
OG: 1.053 TG: 1.010 ABV: 5.6 IBU: 35 SRM: 16

Clown Prince of Crime Raspberry Robust Porter
Based off of last summers Caped Crusader porter with a twist this dark ale is beverage for the not so serious crowd. Loaded with over 40 pounds of dark malt this porter has a lovely in your face chocolate flavor that is sure to make your taste buds dance the moment it touches your tongue. Take that chocolaty goodness and add 42 pounds of raspberries and you have a match made in heaven. Sit back and enjoy as the dark and fruity flavors clash to create a wonderful treat that is sure to leave you smiling.
Malts: : GWM 2-Row, GWM Pale, GWM 60L, Franco Belges CM 60, Bairds Chocolate, Briess Black Prinz, and Bairds Black
Hops: Chinook 
OG: 1.057 TG: 1.012 ABV: 5.8 IBU: 33 SRM: 38

Big Escape India Session Ale (ISA)
Ever need a mellow nice and easy beer to give you that feeling that you've done something big? Well the Big Escape ISA just may help you do that. Easy sipping with a golden hue and smooth malt flavor, this beer starts off just right. Bring on a pop of floral and fruity aroma and it builds the anticipation even more. Finish it off with a full yet rounded earthy and mellow hop characteristic you really have something you can get away with! Being a session ale means that you can enjoy this drink again and again throughout the turmoil of your summer day!! Enjoy!
Malts: GWM 2Row, Best Vienna, Franco Belges Caramel Pilsen and Baird's Carastan 30/37
Hops: Simcoe, Centennial, Brewer's Gold, Falconer's Flight and Citra
Dry Hopped: Flaconer's Flight
OG: 1.044 TG: 1.006 ABV: 4.9 IBU: 43 SRM: 4

Autumn Moon Oktoberfest
The Autumn Moon is a festive lager beer which is conditioned and tapped during our Oktoberfest celebration! It has a smooth overall quality with medium body that is highlighted by the malt flavors complementing all the way around. Hop bitterness and hop flavors balance out in the back end of the drink and leaves a somewhat crisp, dry finish. A lager that is appropriate for the time of year that bequeaths its name. With the changing of the weather comes a transition in beer flavors that tend to have more malt complexities to adjust our bodies to the temperamental weather. A great festive beer for Autumn. Prost!
Malts: GWM Pale, Best Pilsen, Baird's Munich, Flaked Barley, GWM Melanoidin, GWM Crystal 60L, Baird's 135/165 and Baird's Chocolate
Hops: Nuggets and Sterling
OG:1.058 TG:1.013 ABV:5.8 IBU:22 SRM: 15

Ranch Hand Fresh Hop Ale
The Ranch Hand Fresh Hop was made with the style of an English Pale in mind. The OSF Brewers went and picked almost 15 pounds of fresh hop from the D&D Ranch in Terrebonne to add to this delicious style of beer. A slight earthy and sweet aroma starts off the drink. English type malts were used to gain the biscuit flavor of the malt and enhance the overall body of the beer. The fresh hops add a nice and easy earthy spiciness and balance to the slight bitterness of the Nugget hops. In partnership with the D&D Ranch for 4 years now we are excited about what this batch of hops and beer has become! A once a year opportunity to enjoy a unique and wonderful blend of freshly harvested ingredients!
Malts: Baird's Marris Otter, Baird's Munich, Gambrinus Honey Malt and Franco Belges CaraMunich
Fresh Hops: Mt Hood and Fuggle
Hops: Nugget and Santiam (for bittering)
OG: 1.056 TG: 1.009 ABV: 6.0 IBU: 50 SRM: 8

Wildflower Wheat
This American Wheat ale has all the basics for a great tasting wheat beer. Clean crisp body and a mellow hop flavor with a touch of malt chewiness. To put a unique twist on this beer we added Wild Chamomile flowers to enhance the flowery aromatics and herbal flavor. This enhances the overall mellow sensation that a wheat beer can be about. A wonderful combination to a sipping wheat beer!
Malts: GWM Pilsen, GWM Wheat, GWM Premium 2-Row and Franco Belges CaraPilsen 
Hops: Nugget and Sterling 
OG: 1.043  TG: 1.004  ABV: 5.0  IBU: 23  SRM: 4

A classic Northwest pale ale. This rich chestnut colored gem is a model of harmony between hops and malted barley. Hammerhead's signature Cascade hop nose and intense hopped flavor blend nicely with the caramel tones from the crystal malt.
Malts: Premium 2-row Malt and 75L Crystal Malt
Hops: Cascade
OG: 1.056 TG 1.010 ABV: 5.93 IBU: 44 SRM: 11

Ruby AleRuby
One of our most popular standards, we still make Ruby with the same aims we had when brewing the first batch back in March 1986: To create an ale light, crisp and refreshingly fruity. Great Western Premium 2-row and 42 pounds of Oregon-grown and processed raspberry puree is used to craft every colorful batch.
Malts: Premium 2-row Malt
Hops: Vary
Fruit: Raspberries
OG: 1.039  TG: 1.005  ABV: 4.39

Terminator Stout
Black as the darkest night, rich as the most decadent dessert, Terminator is for the true stout lover. This is a full bodied and flavor packed ale which draws its robust complexity from kiln-baked specialty grains. Look for a wide array of toasted, chocolate, nutty and coffee-like flavors in every pint! The devoted swear by it, and it remains one of our top selling ales year after year.
Malts: Premium 2-row Malt, Munich Malt, 40L Crystal, and Black Barley
Hops: Chinook and Cascade
OG: 1.065  TG: 1.015  ABV: 6.45  IBU: 30  SRM: 35

Hard Cider & Perry

glass 3.75 / pint 6.25 / pitcher 18.75

Edgefield Hard Apple Cider
Locally grown apples are juiced and fermented into a light, crisp and refreshing hard cider.
ABV: 6.5%

Edgefield Seasonal Blackberry Cider
Utilizing two iconic Northwest fruits -apples and blackberries- we crafted this delicious new cider bringing together the crisp bite of the apple with the overt fruitiness of the blackberry.
ABV: 6.5%

Ales hand-crafted by Mike “Curly” White & Vance Wirtz

Enjoy a pint of McMenamins' finest, brewed onsite!
Beer available to go at all McMenamins locations.

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