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Weekly Specials

Check out this week's tempting specials!

Featured Food

Chili Crab Cakes $14
Dungeness crab in garlic-chili sauce, jasmine rice & sesame-ginger aioli

Crab & Citrus Salad $15
Dungeness crab, ruby grapefruit, moro orange, jicama, baby spinach, cotija cheese & avocado-pasilla vinaigrette

Thai-Dyed Dragon Sandwich $12
Thai-spiced chicken breast, Sriracha mayo, pickled daikon & carrot, fresh cilantro, jalapeño, fried shallots & lettuce with your side of choice

Olympic Provisions Sausage Duo $13
Terminator kielbasa and Hammerhead bratwurst with grilled bread, house mustards & pickled vegetables

Featured Desserts

Black & Tan Brownie $5.75
caram-ale sauce & Tillamook® vanilla bean ice cream

Irish Coffee Crème Caramel $5.75
coffee & whiskey-infused custard topped with whipped cream & gaurfrette cookies

Salted Caramel-Hazelnut Tart $5.75
dark chocolate sauce & Tillamook® vanilla bean ice cream

Northwest Berry Bar $5.75
marionberries, butter crumble & Tillamook® vanilla bean ice cream

* Consuming raw or undercooked eggs & meats may increase your risk of foodborne illness.



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