Hillsdale Brewery

Established: February 1984
2014 Brewery Production: 121  batches • 1422.50 kegs • 176,390 pints

Oregon's first brewpub since Prohibition days, the Hillsdale's inaugural brew was made in October 1985. The initial brewers crafted first McMenamins unfiltered wheat ales and the first fruit ales (starting with blackberries scavenged from the vines off the parking lot). The Hillsdale is also notable for staging in 1985 the "Northwest Micro-Fest" -- which as far as we know was the first microbrew festival staged in Oregon, a giant bash held both inside but mostly out in the parking lot.

Today, the Hillsdale Brewfest, held every February, is considered the Grandaddy of all McMenamins brew fests. Another first at the Hillsdale came in the form of Alex Farnum, who was the first in a line of female brewers to work for McMenamins, and may well have been the first female micro-brewer in Oregon.

Interested in purchasing a keg? Call the brewery at (503) 293-1753 and review a list of keg sales frequently asked questions.

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