Games at Back Stage Bar


Tuesday 3/24
7:30pm NBA Blazers vs Warriors ch 754

Wednesday 3/25
6pm NBA Blazers vs Jazz ch 737

Thursday 3/26
March Madness TBA ( Oregon Ducks if they win on Sun 3/22)

Friday 3/27
7pm NBA Blazers vs Suns ch 737

Saturday 3/28
5pm MLS Timbers vs Whitecaps ch 734
7pm NBA Blazers vs Nuggets ch 708 -List this as Blazers to play immediately after the Timbers game


Along with our shuffleboard and pool tables, we've recently added Pinball, a game of both luck and skill.

Pinball was banned from the early 1940s to the mid-1970s in most of America's big cities, including Chicago, where the game was born and where virtually all of its manufacturers have historically been located. We think it's a fun pastime for family and friends... test your skill!

Current pinball games in-house:



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