Meet Your Maker

Tyler Newton

Head Brewer
Hillsdale Brewery & Public House

The original McMenamins Brewery is now in the hands of Tyler Newton. Tyler was providing excellent service at the Thompson Pub in Salem before joining the brewing department.

Tyler NewtonPrior to becoming a McMenamins team member, Tyler made his living as a track coach, a caterer for wildland firefighters and working at a bookstore. He started getting his brew boots wet in December 2013.

As a brewer, Tyler is eager to leave his mark. Living in the Northwest and being surrounded by the availability and variety of beers has influenced his passion about the art of brewing. His first brewing experience came at home as a bonding activity for him and his brother. The pleasure and challenge of homebrewing and the satisfaction of enjoying something he concocted fueled his interest in brewing professionally. If you want to follow his footsteps, he has a few suggestions: learn as much as you can about brewing techniques, beer styles and all the different aspects of the taste and sensation in beer. When you go out for a brew, try something different; when in doubt, get a taster tray rather than a pint.

Tyler is inspired by the creativity in the industry and the freedom as a new brewer to utilize that creativity. The new possibilities of each day and the support of his friends and family has all driven him. That eagerness to know and experience the unknown can be seen in his activities; he enjoys reading, philosophy, religion, science and history. He is an eclectic fan of music and film as well. When he's not searching out the newest brews, he is exploring the great outdoors by camping and playing disc golf. He is an avid soccer fan and enjoys watching his local team with a pint in hand. Go Timbers!

See what one of our newest brewers is making in the oldest brewery by sampling his creations at the Hillsdale Pub and Brewery.


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