Jail Break:
The First Cosmic Tripster Party

Those who completed every last stamp in their McMenamins Passports by April 20 convened on May Day at Edgefield! More than 400 Cosmic Tripsters came to the never-before-seen Jailhouse on the property, making the inaugural Party an epic event!

There was an underground tunnel (and stamp!), greetings and a toast by the McMenamins family, as well as much mingling and the occasional chanting! The treasure trove of antique furniture, light fixtures and art provided the backdrop as appetizers and rare drinks were doled out in the Cell Blocks.

We'll be contacting these Tripsters to gather their photos, which will be given to our artists for use in their work throughout McMenamins. Will you be among the crowd for next year's party? Get your stamping going now! 

Have a question? Email passport@mcmenamins.com.

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